Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More holiday photos from Anglesey, Wales.

Today we had such a quiet and relaxed start it was positively boring, there was no need to call anyone.

The only thing that happened was the person who empties the bins was there doing their thing just before 8 am, which seems to consist of banging the bins to make as much noise as possible.

Always a great way to be woken up and on Tuesdays even better as once the bins are empty the kids arrives together from nowhere.

It is usually about 20 kids, who sound like 60 kids, it can annoy but on the other hand it is also nice to hear their excitement.

Wonder what session they are waiting for, whatever it is the kids love it that is obvious.

Today they were gone as quick l y as they arrived and we were still extremely tired and both of us fell asleep again with out any problems.

A couple hours later I woke up again and once I opened my eyes I started doing the arm exercises.

Did quite a few extra sets which felt very good so I carried on, today my arms were still l very flexible.

The session with the fysio yesterday was very good; hopefully they will remain as good as it is fine for your arms and back muscles.

Keeps everything supple which is brilliant, it was a very good session with Mathilde yesterday.

She won’t be here this Thursday as it is Ascension Day so the practice they work for is closed.

When I came here in 1981 everything was closed for those kinds of holidays, the first time was a shock especially as I needed food.

Even then I got hold of some at an out of hours shop called an avond winkel or evening shop but of course everything was nearly twice as expensive as in the supermarket.

Of course now everything is open so there need be no worries about food shopping or any shopping now the idea of shopping with out restrictions has been embraced by the Calvinist Dutch.

Well it has not been the most beautiful of days with only quick glimpses of the sun.

Does not matter whatever the weather I am doing well hope you are all having a good day too.


Libby said...

beautiful pictures!! sorry about the way you were woken abruptly, but i'm glad you got thru the rest of the morning well! & good job on the arm exercises!!

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,

Thanks for coming by always lovely to get a comment from you.
Hope you are doing well?


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! herrad Waking to work on garbage day is no fun .It isn't even that warm out yet and the bins totally reek.Even worse on the way back, because the empty bins don't have the lids on and they stink awful. Anyway, fantastic pictures of Wales. Glad you were feeling good today

Stuff could always be worse said...

You had to woken abruptly, but you had a good day. Beautiful pictures. You are doing better than I on exercising.

Rain said...

Hi Herrad! I guess it's universal, the garbage collectors in the city making noise that is! When I lived downtown Montreal, at about 5:30am every weekday, this numbskull had the bright idea that he'd rope all the bins together and secure them to his pickup truck to move them the 50 feet across the parking lot to the bigger dumpster. He was just so lazy because it took him more time to wrangle up them bins then it would have to pull them over 2 by 2. They were on wheels but all you'd hear was "bumb bump bump bang bang bang". It woke everyone up. People complained to him but he was so rude to us, so we complained to the building manager, but the management did nothing. So some "vigilantes" (who me? hee hee), got together and decided the next time he did it, we'd throw eggs at his car. It really got him mad, but he stopped doing it!

Well, I'm glad you had a "boring" morning! :-)

Cranky said...

Herrad - lovely read as always.

The pictures of Wales match how I imagine the rural parts of the English Isles to look ... so beautiful and rugged. Thanks for posting them.

suejan said...

Had lovey holiday in Angelsey when the children were very small.Had boyfriend at time who's sister had cottage there. Remember he bought a case of his homemade red elderberry wine-it tasted awful. When my mother died unexpectedly at Inquest I foolishly talked to a reporter -his parents knew I had a handicapped son but not that I had M.S.So they told him to break up. He left some wine behind-I poured it down sink!

On a brighter note-lovely day here. My Home Help has helped me garden

Herrad said...

Hi Carole,

Lovely to hear from you hope you are doing well.

Hi Stuff could always be worse,

Thanks for coming by, it is nice to hear from you.

Hi Rain,

Good action against the bin man.

Hi Cranky,

Wales is very beautiful shame we can't go there.

Herrad said...

Hi SueJan,

Thanks for coming by hope your garden looks beautiful this summer.