Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last night there was a loud thunderstorm which began just before 22 pm, the dogs were quite worried by the thunder.

Marleen gets especially worried so got Richie to let her go on to his bed; this seems to do the trick for her.

Richie had to wait until after 1 am before the storm had calmed down sufficiently for him to go out with the dogs for their last pee.

At 1.30 am they got round to the dog toilet without any mishaps, they did get blown about abit but luckily the storm had moved away over the water behind Central Station.

At 2 am the storm came back and was going mad overhead and the rain came down like stair rods interspersed by huge hailstones.

At 2 am the dogs charged in after a huge clap of thunder seemed to tear the sky apart, Spike jumped under the duvet with Richie and Marleen went to sleep under my bed until dawn when the storm waas gone.

Read in papers today that the wind speed was 100 to 150 kilometres per hour wind and hailstones of 5 cm.

Got very worried for the flowers on the windowsills but they look ok today.

Pleased about that as I remember Richie planting up the balconies in an old flat and after two hours a storm happened and the hail decapitated every flower it was a massacre.

The plants never recovered neither did the weather that summer.

Ever since we have been cautious sometimes too cautious and missed the spring flowers.

We did not do that this year and have pretty flowers on all the available windowsills.

Because of the storm we were up very late today usually Richie massages my legs and gets the baclofen at 10 am but today it was 11.30 before we were awake and suddenly it was 14 pm and Marianne was here for her Tuesday visit.

Marianne came here originally as a volunteer in October 2007 and quickly felt like a friend and now she is becoming a very good friend which is brilliant.

She is a very lovely woman very kind and pleasant to have visit.

Glad she still wants to be friends, sadly another woman who also came as a volunteer in October 2007 has stopped coming.

She told me one day she would see me on the following Friday and emailed me the following day saying’ won’t be coming anymore don’t feel I can contribute anything to your life’

Was not a nice surprise but somehow not totally shocked as had felt that all was not ok since I have been in bed.

Sadly she never wanted to talk about it but I did feel she became very uncomfortable around me shame as I am still me.

Shame too as I really liked Karin, thought she was quite a girl.

Guess thats life.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Marleen! I'm glad she found some comfort with Richie. Before Spencer went deaf, he would run under the bed and refuse to come out until the storm passed. Now he doesn't hear the thunder, so he doesn't react at all. Nice photos!

Shame about Karin...

Richie said...

Karin was a strange woman. I was outraged on your behalf when she stopped like she did. Since then I have thought kinder thoughts about her and feel glad she did come and go- the night at the theatre was a highlight of last year and I thank the old krout for it!
She did seem very worried about you being stuck in bed- typical of her that it goes all or nothing- oh well lots of love to her and I wish her a happy life!
We will get on with living our life.

Webster said...

Those are spectacular pictures! Though it scares me a little, I love thunderstorms. My pets, especially Radagast - not so much poor dear.

Too bad about Karin - but we can only handle what we can handle.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE those pictures of the Lightening...That first one looks like some kind of special animal...!
Poor doggie...I think lots of animals are frightened by Thunder and Lightening, just like people!

That is really too bad about that one lady...But, it is obviously HER problem, and of course it does effect you. Very Sad.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

She spent the night under my bed and once it had finshed she got into her bed.

Hi Richie,

Shame about Karin but glad we met her.

Hi Webster,

It was a scary storm, near here lighting struck a house.

Hi Naomi,

The dogs were very scared especially by the lightening early this morning, heard later a building near here got struck.

Real shame about Karin I shall miss her she was wonderfully argumentative.


Kelli said...

What fabulous pictures of the lightening. Poor Marleen. Happy to hear the flowers and plants weren't damaged.
Hope you had a good day.

Herrad said...

Hi Kelli,

In the end it was a good day and the sun even came out at the end of the day.

Hope your day was good.



Stuff could always be worse said...

I love the photos of the lightening. Beautiful but a bit frightening, (don't mean to be a poet) We have many storms in Georgia,US, so I understand.

Stephany said...

wow what a storm! glad all fared well and the flowers too!



Herrad said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.

The dogs were terrified and must say it had me worried too.

Hi Stephany,

The flowers on the bedroom windowsill look lovely.

Sun came back at the end of yesterdays grey and overcast day.
Today its changeable proper Amsterdam weather.


Ana said...

I also loved the photos.
Poor Marleen.
I use to say to Nell "It's nothing." and try not to show her that the noise bugs me.
It worked.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

Thats what we did at New Year when all the fireworks were going off all around.

We pretended that nothing was happening.

We heard nothing.