Saturday, May 16, 2009

It is brilliant that recently I can sleep so well at night really good.

Most days I wake up much too early but luckily after a bag of THC I can go back to sleep again.

Thought the whole day yesterday that is was Saturday and wanted to see programmes on the telly that are on, on Saturday, guess today I will think it is Sunday.

It is very changeable weather which pisses me off for Darren who is only here for 5 days why can’t it be like all the recent weekends.

Amsterdam is better known for being overcast with constant drizzle to cheer up the tourists doing the culture trail round town, Marleen is quite pissed off that it is so grey.

She is abit pissed off now because Richie is going off to the shops and the market without the dogs.

They hate being left and look really pathetic but soon recover and try and entice us into games.

Today I was shocked awake by a loud voice, one of a group of actors who were rehearsing outside the Fijnhout theatre.

One of the voices carried very far indeed, without too much effort she could talk to someone over 500 yards away at the top of the street.

She was the only one who enjoyed her performance both her colleagues on street level and us here in the bedroom were not too keen.

It is great to hear the sounds of the street again, sometimes it is irritating like late at night when it is warm and people either sit on the bench outside the theatre or on the decking down by the canal.

Or the time the theatre was rented for a wedding party that went on most of the night where every now and then a group would come out to smoke and shout and sadly to argue..

We all tend to forget how every sound carries late at night when we are enjoying ourselves and others are trying to sleep.

It can be irritating but it is part of city life, something a neighbour at our old address would always forget.

She would demand from us her neighbours that we came home and sat very quietly and made no noise at all.

Strange woman perhaps explained by the fact she would come home drunk quite often and leave the front door wide open.

The weather is excellent now so I intend to enjoy it fully.

Hope it is good weather for everyone.



Kimberly said...

How exciting to live amoungst the hustle and bustle and have the wonderful sceanery as well. I was always one who would have loved to live in a high rise loft somewhere very urban and trendy. Now, I'd settle for a long vacation in Italy and a return to my quiet mountain home. LOL. How things change over the years. Keep posting the wonderful pictures!

Stan said...

Dear Herrad:

Those damned drunken actors {used to be one of those freaks LOL}, can be so loud and obnoxious sometimes.

If that happened to be me making to much noise, just tell me to bugger off.

Hope you enjoy a day of beautiful weather and some good friends company to boot.


Word Verification was RATES, so I assume that means I get a gold star.

Stephany said...

Good evening Herrad! I'm glad you've been sleeping better! It's sunny here finally, and it will be in the mid 70's. So far, have made pancakes and Koda had an extra sausage that made him happy.



Ana said...

It's a little cold here.
I'm happy you're sleeping better.
I cannot stay without one good night sleep.
I've noticed you did an avatar with my blog address?
So sweet!
I have to find another avatar.
I love this girl, you know she is Tracy Johnson who has committed suicide at the age of 19 years old during Cymbalta Clinical Trials.
I have to find another but whenever I think about changing I look at her and...
I don't know.
Simply cannot change.
Perhaps in June during the blog birthday.
Have a great Saturday!

Patrick @ Caregivingly Yours said...

Ahhh! Night noises. Loud actors I could handle. I hate the 4:30 AM birds!!!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick


I'm feeling rather schmuckish (made that word up) for just now getting here after all these months...but so glad I finally have! Love your photos especially as I am reminded what a big (yet somehow small) world we live in.

Be well,

Linda D.

Herrad said...

Hi Kimberly,

Amsterdam is beautiful but we miss hills and mountains and nature.

Please can you post some beautiful photos of the mountains near you?.

Hi Stan,

Please take the Gold Star Award for being the wonder you are of supportive friendship and wonderous sentences of utmost delight to the senses.

Or is it senseless perhaps I am now with the wonder of the wonders of Stan.

Hi Stephany,

Nice to hear from you wonder if Koda is hoping for a repeat of the extra sausage from yesterday?

Hi Ana,

Lovely to hear from you hgope you are well and having a good Sunday.

Hi Patrick.

The birds can be annoying but not as bad as being woken at 3.30 am by drunks saying goodbye to each other outside your house and talking at a volume that most of the city can hear!

Have a good Sunday everyone.