Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photos from our friend's holiday in Angelesey, Wales.

The Isle of Anglesey[1] (Welsh: Ynys Môn pronounced [ˌənɨ̞sˈmoːn]) is an island and principal area off the northwest coast of Wales, with a predominantly Welsh-speaking population.[2] It is connected to the mainland by two bridges spanning the Menai Strait: the original Menai Suspension Bridge (carrying the A5), designed by Thomas Telford in 1826; and the newer reconstructed Britannia Bridge (originally designed by Robert Stephenson); which carries the A55 and the North Wales Coast Railway line.

Historian and author Dr. John Davies argues that it was during the tumultuous 10th century that the Norse name for Môn, Anglesey, came into existence; the name was later adopted into English after Anglo-Norman occupiers arrived to conquer the island during the Norman invasions of Gwynedd.[3][4]

The name Anglesey was later used in the English language as a county name which included Holy Island and other nearby small islands. Once the Welsh language was granted equal status in government with the Welsh Language Act, the representative constituency names for the island were changed to the Welsh name of the island, Ynys Môn (UK Parliament constituency) in the UK parliament, and Ynys Môn (Assembly constituency) in the National Assembly for Wales.

With an area of 275 square miles (712 km2), Anglesey is the largest Welsh island, and the fifth largest surrounding the island of Great Britain.

Slept very well until I suddenly woke and felt extremely warm, no not warm but hot boiling hot in fact.

Threw the duvet off the top of my body and cooled off eventually and even dozed off for abit.

When Richie got up asked him for some THC for the pains I was experiencing also asked him to check the catheter bag.

I thought he would have to empty it that it would be full but this was not so in fact there was hardly anything in the bag.

Richie checked everything he could check, there were no kinks in the tubing so the next step was for him to fetch one of the little bags used to rinse the catheter.

It would not work there was a blockage no wonder I woke feeling so hot this was because I could not pee.

Richie got me the phone and I called the emergency doctor and explained the situation to the helpdesk, who was extremely efficient and assured me someone, would be with me in an hour.

Took the pill to relax the bladder and settled down to wait for an hour in the meantime Richie took the dogs up the road for their morning pee and poo.

Just before he got back the door bell rang suspecting it was the emergency doctor I phoned Richie f, found out later he had not heard my call as it seems they all arrived at the door more or less together.

Amazingly it only took the emergency team 20 minutes to get here and after about twenty minutes they had removed and inserted a new catheter and everything was flowing well again.

They were a particularly pleasant team, had a good conversation with the doctor who seemed a very nice woman.

Lovely person to have to meet like that very pleasant, calm person nice face and charming to talk with.

She was telling me she had worked for three years in London and had also been in the Maldives helping after the Tsunami.

She has not got her own practice prefers to work as emergency and locum doctor which is good news for the people who need out of hours help.

Have never met someone unpleasant on the emergency teams but also no0t too many as nice and calm as well as interesting as her.

Thanked them both profusely when they left and wished them a good day and said I hoped everyone they went o would be as happy with their help as I am.

So within an hour it was all done and dusted and now the catheter is flowing freely again and we can get on with our Sunday.

Not quite the start to the day that I was expecting but never mind it happened and it is all sorted out now.

It is a huge relief in more ways than one now that the problem has been dealt with both the doctor and Richie told me that I dealt with it all very well.

Got Richie to repeat it to reassure me that I had done ok, funny that we need reassurance but it was needed.


What a relief it’s all over really glad that we got good nights sleep and it was not a problem in the night.

As soon as the doctor and her assistant had gone Richie massaged my legs and did the leg exercises.

The he got me a delicious smoothie of orange, kiwi, banana and apple as well as a krentenbol(currant roll)and lancashire cheese and half a liter of water.

As well as getting me the 13 pm pill as I had the baclofen just after calling the emergency doctor.

Tasted like the best breakfast ever I am abit euphoric just now as there is always a chance that one has to go to hospital and once again that was not nessesary.

Brilliant that the emergency doctors team could be here so quickly and despite the grey overcast weather as far as I am concerned this is a good day one of the best in fact.

Hope it is a good day for everyone everywhere.


Cranky said...

Herrad - glad it all got taken care of so quickly and by such a doc as you describe. Beautiful photos (well, they are every day) ... some of the colors of boats and buildings together are just brilliant.

Have a lovely day!

Webster said...

WOW! Doctors who do home visits for people who are home bound. Are you a special case, or is this standard procedure for emergencies? Because let me tell you - it's no fun having to make it in to the office when you're having catheter issues. Just sayin'.

Glad it was not serious, and that would brighten My day as well!

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

The doctor was a lovely woman radiated calm and confident reassurance.


Hi Webster,

The emergency doctor will come to anyone's home who is housebound and needs their help.

And my GP always visits me at home.

Have a good Sunday.



Kimberly said...

First, great pictures and history lesson. One of the many reasons I enjoy your blog :) Secondly, I'm glad everything turned out well with your catheter. Sure wouldn't find that type of care here. We'd have to get up, get to the emergency room of the nearest hospital by either car or ambulance and wait.......and wait...and wait. Your GP even comes to your home?? WOW is all I can say about that! Enjoy your day and your free flowing cath! :)

Herrad said...

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for coming by, the emergency doctors is a good service.

Have used them several times now and they are good.

Have a good day.



Richie said...

It was a bit of a shocking way to start a what I had planned as a low stress day. The team from the emergency doctors were very good- professional and efficient and warm and sympathetic too. The doctor was particularly correct in praising you- how you stay so positive and calm is beyond me. You are just wonderful.
As for a medical services- we pay high tax in Holland and a whacking insurance bill as well but it does mean that social affordable health care does include doctors who will come out (they would send for me but they will come for Herrad)and a guarantee of basic care for all. It is not perfect but we have been treated quite well by them so far. The insurance element will always argue for penny pinching crap but we are getting the services we need in the main. (our GP is a wonder!)
Great to see G and P enjoying Anglesey. I have not been there since I was a child. I love the ancient feel to the island.

Herrad said...

Hi Richie,

You always help me to stay calm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! I'm so glad you didn't have to be taken to the hospital. What a way to start your day, my gosh! You have such a great attitude.

Love those photos btw, the first few, I was thinkin "hobbit hole!", then saw it was a burial place, oops!

Patrick @ Caregivingly Yours said...

I sooo remember the catheter experiment era with Patti. She could never stop fidgeting with her catheter and tubing because of her MS progressing cognitive impairment. It all ended the night she somehow pulled out her Foley catheter miraculously without rupturing herself.

Thanks for pics. My maternal grandfather immigrated from Wales. NEVER Great Britain or England to him, always Wales.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad and Richie!

Glad to see that the immediate crisis was remedied so quickly, and that a hospital visit wasn't a result!

Sunny here today as yesterday was--took my daughter out and she enjoyed a drive through the country looking at horses and cows in fields and ice cream. she was smiling more.

Have a good evening,

Stephany :)

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

What a morning thanks for coming by,
It does look like a hobbits den.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your comment .
So you are part Welsh then great stuff.

Hi Stephany,

Sounds like a very good day with your daughter.
Big hugs to you both.



Libby said...

hi herrad! i'm so glad they got your problem straightened out quickly! i know, it probably didnt seem quick before the dr got there, but...& i'm so happy the dr is so nice & personable!! that can make all the difference, cant it?

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,

It really does make a differnce if the doctor is pleasant.

We had a good conversation while she was busy.


Kelli said...

So sorry to hear about the catheter problem. How great that the doctor came to you and it was all a positive experience. I look forward to seeing more of your photo's.