Friday, May 29, 2009

This morning woke up to all the usual street sounds plus the sounds of the builders next door as it was only 8 am or so asked Richie to get some thc for me so that I could go to sleep again.

It worked a treat except that every time I was going to slip off again either the waste bins by the Fijnhout theatre were being emptied, it always sounds like they are being thrashed against the wall.

Or what sounded like hundreds of kids would burst out on the road and scream around for five minutes and vanish as suddenly as they arrived this happened twice.

Ah well did manage to doze quite happily until 10 and felt quite refreshed for it too, was nice as we did not turn the light off until 2.30 this morning as I was watching Sean Connery in a movie.

He is eminently watchable in anything, if it had not been for Sean Connery I would have given it a miss.

Soon as the pain kicked in Richie fetched me some THC and once I finished the arm exercises Richie did the leg exercises and then the leg massage which really made my legs feel better with less tension in them.

After that quickly took the baclofen tablets and eagerly waited for Richie to get my laptop and place it in front of me.

I am eating strawberries as I write this, Richie came through with a small bowl of strawberries which he placed on my stomach.

They are delicious what a lovely day, this is despite the pain, when I get sweet comments on yesterdays post from lovely blog friends and the sun is shining.

Life given all the restrictions is good, would prefer no physical restrictions but that is just how things are.

If there was any way Richie and I could change my situation, we would do it, we would be tireless.

Once we realised there was nothing we could do to change my situation we had to try to accept what was happening.

Do seem to have accepted now that what used to be is well in the past now and will not happen again.

Notice that acknowledging that has made my daily life easier to deal with and much more manageable.

This in turn means that daily life has become acceptable and I have a good quality of life despite the physical restrictions.

Can’t be bad lying here nibbling strawberries and about to have a brunch of fruit smoothie from cranberry, apple, pear, orange and carrot.

And delicious Moroccan bread wedges with a variety of delights such as avocado, sardine with pepper sauce, homemade peanut butter and goat cheese.

Richie will join me with a cup of coffee, lovely then I get the aroma without needing to drink any which is the best of both for me.

It was a feast really delicious and tonight we will feast on individual savoury tarts, the pastry filled with a sardine ands creamy goat cheese (not very goaty) mixture with tomatoes and garlic and fresh basil.

This will be eaten with cabbage cut in strips and steamed for a couple of minutes and tossed in a dressing of olive oil, garlic and lemon juice and crispy fried potatoes.

Desert is apple/raisin and ginger cake with fruit custard which is delicious, had some yesterday and the day before so must start lobbying for a new cake, this time chocolate, nice gooey chocolate.

The sun is shining and the blue skies are very pretty which means happy day here hope it is like that for all my lovely blog friends.

Have a good Friday.



Stephany said...

Hi Herrad! have a great day, sending good thoughts your way.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

Hope you are having a good day too.
How are your rhodies doing I wonder and your beautiful daughter and handsome Koda.

Have a good day.


Cranky said...

Herrad - I haven't eaten breakfast yet and I'm now thoroughly hungry after reading your post! Richie sounds like a great cook. I can cook well but I'm not very creative and often lazy about it. The meals you report on make me think I could do much more without too much effort.

Have a great day! Glad here that it's Friday.

Rain said...

Hi Herrad! Strawberries, yum! I have a freezer full of them. They were in season around here for only a few weeks. When I say "in season", I mean cheap! ha ha. So I bought 10kg of them, hulled, washed and froze em. I have about a handful of strawberries in my daily fruit shake, so I'm set for a few months! I can't get going today! It's pouring rain and very damp out. My back is really sore (probably from hauling that heavy lawnmower)...I was thinking of heading to the gym - not to work out, but to just sit in the hot tub. I'll put it on my blog, but I wanted to tell you since I just got the phone call! I had entered a contest at the local pet store and I just won a $50 gift certificate!!! Yey! I'm going to head over there this afternoon because the boys really need new harnesses and I had my eye on special ones that give more support for them - I can lead them better that is, since they can't see. How cool is that?

Your cake sounds yummy, but yes, I'd opt for the gooey chocolate one too, lol! I love when you write about your meals because it gives me ideas too.

The flowers look absolutely beautiful! I hope you have a nice sunny Friday!

Rain and the boys

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Hope you have eaten now.

Richie makoes great food non of which is difficult or lpots of work.

It is a good investment delicious and healthy food.

Hi Rain,

Great stuff winning the gift certificate bet the dogs will look great in their new harnasses.

All them strawberries in the freezer great for smoothies and shakes.

Have a good day.

Gareth said...

Hey H, lovley photos of the plants and all the chat about the lovley food making me Hungry even though I had a hearty Tea cooked by Hubby P. So Happy to hear Your upbeat mood despite all the pain



Erin said...

Hi Herrad,

The flowers are just gorgeous! And strawberries (or any fruit for that matter) sounds yummy right about now.

If we could change our situations, we all would, and we would be having a grand time. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, but you and Richie are doing an excellent job at staying positive and taking things as they come. Excellent for you both!

Have a great day and take care!

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,

Looking forward to seeing you here soon.


Hi Erin,

Thanks for coming by and being supportrive.

Hope you are doing well right now.

Have a good Saturday.


Stuff could always be worse said...

My day is over but it was beautiful blue skies also. Your photos are beautiful, It sounds great eating strawberries, but I would be lounging while eating chocolate.

Herrad said...

Hi Kim,

Chocolate is a good idea thanks.
Have a good saturday.