Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tax return and friends visiting.

Incredibly after waking at 7 am and Richie immediately reacting to my moans of pain and getting me some THC I slept until 11.15.

Today seems all set to be alot busier than had meant it to be which is quite funny.

Yesterday had organised that a friend Cecile comes round and picks up some papers that need to go to a friend who is a book keeper who will make the tax return for us.

So nice 14.00 today, then later another friend phones and says she will drop by for a visit between 12 and 13.00.

And joy an SMS from our lovely friend Darren that he has arrived from the UK and when can he come round this afternoon?

Then I remember the physio will be here at 14!

A moment of panic then I then I get the friend at 14.00 to come round at 15.00 and the friend from the UJ to come round at 16.00.

Think that makes it all pretty manageable and also very pleasant too.

What a day!

Oh well it is like waiting for a bus nothing happens for ages and then three come at once.

I am very happy about this happening it is not how I would have planned it, but there you go that's life and today feel very much part of it.


Anonymous said...

Love all the great photos you have been posting on your blog. I look forward to stopping by just for the pix!! LOL

I am so glad you are posting daily to read about how you are doing, your views on stuff, etc.

Your dogs are adorable and interact with you so beautifully. No news about our dog yet, will post when I know.

Take care,

JC said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I hope your busy schedule is fun.

Love your photos ...

Stephany said...

Good afternoon Herrad!

I love the photos and am glad as I write this you are looking forward to (and maybe have had some already)lots of visitors!

I hope it's a great time!

Herrad said...

Hi Anne,
Great getting your coment thanks for coming by.

Love posting daily and the support and friendship is very good.

Hi JC,
It is a great day hope for you too.

Hi Stephany,
Everyone has been now and it was very pleasant very pleasant indeed.

Have a good time.

Ana said...

As always the photos makes me dream about Amsterdam.
I have the right to ask you have the right not to answer:
I went in the eighties and one of the first things that happened was a man whispering close to me:
I don't like drugs, yeah! stupid me. I didn't even tried cocaine now having lots of psych-drugs that I don't need and never had a kick.
Isn't it still easy...? You know.

I'm glad you have met friends.
It's so good to feel real friendship that we forget for a while our pain.

I write too much, sorry!

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

Glad you like the photos.
Here there are plenty of coffee shops that sell hash.
It makes my life bearable;

Gareth said...

Hi ya Sweeties just to say a BIG Hello Back from our trip safe and sound will mail ya soon wif pics and details. Love all the photos of the flowers and amsterdam life.

Hope to skype soon

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Hi Herrad! I am so glad you are having such a fun filled day with all your visitors. It sounds like fun. I wanted to let you know that your pictures are beautiful. I look forward to reading tomorrow how your day finished out today.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

After you fun filled day stop by and read my blog I have an Award for you!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Look forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about your trip soon.

Hi Tara,
Had a great day yesterday loved seeing 3 friends in one afternoon.
Thanks for the award will have a think who to pass it on to, very exciting.


Ana said...

Great Herrad!
I'm very happy you can have some moments of peace.
This is so hypocrite not legalizing.
Just now I've noticed The Ramones post.
Love this song!