Tuesday, May 05, 2009

In Limburg, South Holland near the Dutch German border.

It is a classical grey Amsterdam day today real spring weather that almost feels like autumn.

Oh well have to find some sun within today.

Have found myself thinking alot about stem cell research lately even dreamed last night that I was given some stem cells and the day after my toes started to move again.

What a wonderful dream that was really good but sadly just a dream and not reality.

I know that it will take some time for scientists to come up with something that will stop the progress of MS let alone a cure for it.

Right now they are still not too sure how it is caused, there is a theory that there is penetration of the barrier round the brain and it is known that the myelin layer that protects nerves gets damaged.

This seems to work abit like a frayed electric cable and causes shorts, think I recognize something here.

And that is the little sensations that I get which feel like an electric shock and are gone as quick too.

Hope something starts to happen soon and there is some progress to give people abit of hope that their conditions could get better.

Even if it were only a small improvement I would take anything to have more bodily functions.

A pleasant daydream as I did the am exercises and then Richie massaged my legs after which he brought me baclofen pills (3) and thc and food supplement drink.

He pushed the table in position over the bed and placed the laptop on it and instantly I was connected to the world,which is great.

Happy 5 May it's Liberation Day here in The Netherlands.


Anonymous said...

Happy 5th of May to you Herrad! There is no real celebration in these parts. But I'll share that feeling of liberation with you! Thanks for the insights about MS.

JC said...

Good Meowning !!!

Having my coffee and checkin up on you.

Life has thrown me some lousy 'stuff' lately ... and stuff isn't the word I would like to use but it's too early for that language .. I have bad days and good days.

Lately, I've tried really hard to do a mental peace. I yell at the world ... why why why ... and so far there is no answer.

I figure maybe in another life I was a horrible person and I'm some how supposed to remember that and this is my punishment. I'm trying to figure out the universe ... always looking for peace.

So, for today ... May you have Peace. And, in your dreams ... may you be who you used to be. I am in my dreams too.

Purrs and Good Thoughts going your way Today and Always,

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

Happy 5 of May to you too.
Have a good day.
Give your dogs a cuddle from me.

Hi JC,

Good thoughts coming your way too.
Take it easy you are very alright and are not atoning for anything.


Libby said...

herrad, happy may 5th!!
those horses are beautiful! i like horses...but only in pictures, cuz i'm very allergic to them...sneeze!

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,

Lovely to see your comment.
I am also allergic to horses and dogs and cats.

Thats what the tests showed but I am ok with most cats and dogs as long as I do not touch my face after touching a dog or cat.

Have a good afternoon/evening.


Gareth said...

Feestilijk Bivrijdings dag, to ya both, well here getting a bit hectic as Us off in Caravan tomorrow so looking forward to the break will be snaping away with me phone. Ofcourse Paul ready me not started so I,m off to pack


Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,

Have a great holiday.


steve said...

Cher Herrad -

Very interesting, you stem cell dream. It reminded me of some research I had done while back in California. There's a machine called the Lokomat that is being used by researchers to help "the spinal cord and the brain to relearn the motor patterns associated with walking." They say that if you still have any motor control, even very weak, the machine will improve it. It also helps with bowel and bladder function, as the trunk muscles used in walking also play a large roll there.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass on the information. Looks like the Revalidatiecentrum Amsterdam has one. The contact person is Dr. Thomas Janssen, Research Coordinator, t.janssen@rcamsterdam.nl

BR is going to contact the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas to see about some of their ongoing studies.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

It might feel like a dream but I truly believe it won't be long before they find either a cure or a major break through in MS research and be able to help and reverse some of the symptoms.

I know that there was a HUGE study not too long ago in Chicago, IL taking your own stem cells out and treating them while you go through 7-11 days of Chemotherapy to destroy your immune system and then they replace your own stem cells back into you.... Apparently there was 100% improvement. Some had no more exacerbation's, some had much less but had reversal of some of the permanent damage, and the small % left had improvements and no more exacerbation's but needed to continue taking medications. I really considered doing this but having 3 kids the possibility of me getting very sick from the immune system being shut down is very high and would cause more of a risk of dying. But I do think this is fantastic and will only get better.

soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad!

I hope Wednesday is a good day for you, I'm on here late today. Raining lots here.



Unknown said...

I'm a sucker for horses....love the pics.
Interesting dream, Herrad. One of my recurring dreams has me swimming in open water, gliding through the water like a dolphin. It's a very calming and satisfying dream. Of course the next time I go into a pool I manage a dog paddle - not so calming.


Herrad said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks interesting the lokomat, I will ask but think that I do not have mobility nor strength or indeed any stability in my upper body.

I would not be able to be pulled upright think I would be too floppy.

Hi Tara,

I too think stem cell research is very promising.

Hi Stephany,
I think it is a good day no sun yet but it is getting brighter.
Have a good day too.

Hi Shauna,

Swimming like a dolphin sounds lovely.

Hope our stem cell dreams come true.

Have a good day.