Friday, May 01, 2009

Within the hour the doctor was here and in 5 minutes he had replaced the catheter and I was feeling relaxed again.

Brilliant that it could be sorted out so quickly, the doctor was very good he had a very light touch and was effienct as well as being friendly.

Really pleased and relieved it was all sorted out and it only took just over an hour.

Feel really good now it is all over.


gareth said...

Watcha H@R, glad to hear your problem got sort quickly. Wow what a wonderful diplay of flowers. Sun just came out here so off to plant some mange tout


Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,

Yes it is great /it was sorted quickly.

Mange tout do you sow seeds or plant plants?

Bet they grow quickly.

Have fun.


gareth said...

Me still here they are plants that I,m planting out but grown in me dads green house. So hard to get of comp once on but off I go BYE GXXX

Cranky said...

Housecalls? Great! Glad it got resolved so quickly.

mortonlake said...

glad it went so well herrad.not been feeling well,so not read many blogs,i was so shocked over the awful event over there.i felt so sorry for all the people hurt and much evil in the world.take care,love mort.xx and yes,i do agree with you,the award was a good way to feature trouble is i read so few,and i just couldnt do it.xx

Anonymous said...

Phewf! I feel your relief, well, that may not be the most appropriate word, or is it? :-)

Gorgeous container garden! My little herbs are still hiding, but I saw a wee bit of sweet basil trying to pop through: A bud?

soulful sepulcher said...

Glad that was quick, and wow the flowers are pretty, and I love the photo of you and the dogs! I hope the evening is pleasant.

It's really warm here today, about 72 it is supposed to be, though rain in the forecast the next few days.

Libby said...

beautiful flowers, herrad!! any flowers make me smile, especially purple & blue!!

awb said...

Great news it was sorted out quickly, boo to it happening at all. Here's oping the weekend is better then it started.


Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Housecalls are good my doctor visits regularly and phsyio comes twice a week.

Hi Morton,
We were relieved and extremely glad it went well.

Hi Rain,
It was a huge relief, huge.

Hi Stephany,
I was pretty pleased it got resolved so quickly and easily.

Hi Libby,
The flowers are very pretty and are lovely for me to look at from my bed.

Hi Andy,
It was great it was sorted quick, the stand in doctor was very good which made it all easier.
Since the resolution its been a good weekend.


Hope it is a good weekend for you all.