Saturday, May 09, 2009

Heron by De Kostverlorenkade, Amsterdam.

It is a lovely sunny day here; I slept long and well and have had quite a slow awakening today.

Been taking it very easy and giving myself the time and space to get really awake today.

Have had a quick look at my emails and answered a couple of mails, still so very happy when a mail arrives.

Something exciting about being able to mail a friend miles away in New Zealand and minutes later to get a response from my friend.

Really upset right now as I just had a look at The Wheel of Fortuna blog and read that BR is suffering tremendous pain and is considering end of life options.

Can't quite believe that there is so much indifference from legislators to the pain a lot of people are suffering that is so bad they do not want to live

When by a simple bit of legislation the situation could be changed dramatically enabling Steve to go out like Richie does here and get some weed for me so that I can enjoy and not have to suffer life.

Or he could order it via the doctor and the chemist delivers it to your home.

Whatever we have access here to mediweed or coffee shop weed and we are allowed to grow five plants for our own consumption.

Recently a man and woman were taken to court for growing a lot more plants, the judge accepted that his partner was growing the plants for him and not commercially.

The judge accepted he had to grow his own as the mediweed did not give him the right kind of THC.

Much to the chagrin of a few the couple were allowed to go home with no charges being brought against them.

Why can’t BR have the same treatment in Texas and what can we all do to make a change.

Keep hearing Obama saying ‘Yes We Can’

Wish we could very much.

Please leave a word of support for Steve and BR at

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

It is quite amazing the different attitudes over the globe to weed, isn't it? Also illegal in this country (UK)... which is a shame as I think that it is obviously very useful for a lot of people in terms of pain relief.

Herrad said...

Hi Nat,

It is amazing the different attitudes as well as the hoha that it can generate.

At the moment they are trying to criminalize weed users.

Constantly being hopeful of tying some vicious crime down to weed use.

Violent crimes are usuall fuelled by alcohol nt weed which makes you relaxed not aggressive.

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

In Canada, medicinal use is legal. And I agree that alcohol is much more dangerous and aggressive-making than weed. It's that kind of backward legislation that makes people either go out and intentionally break the law - putting themselves in danger of both prison and drug dealers...and unfortunately, like your friend, the desire to end one's life. I'm sorry for that.

suejan said...

I rd yr blogs. Lvy photos.U inspire me.I've bn 2 Amsterdam.Gt some amusgstories on RedLight District.I've grow cnbs-still got seeds -only female wrk. I find tempur mattress gets rid of any pain My MS is bad so have to use pointer on keys-so am slow. Am keen gardener - hv pretend Heron for my pond. Garden replaces my art I can't do.Lack of access drivesme of shop windows I hv to bang, then send somebody in as don't hear bang. I made front page of local paper comlng about state of pavements -thenpicture inside over lack of dropped kerb and pkg fine

Herrad said...

HI Rain,

Its great that Canada have a realistic approach shame the VS don't act to help sick people.

Hi Suejan,

Nice to meet you really food.
Hope you pop by again soon.
Look forward to you blogging when you can.

I can type with one finger sometimes just the finger tip and always touch other keys so spend alot of time editing out unwanted.

Ana said...

It seems these people never had any physical pain
We cry for any pain we are suffering even those that last fifteen minutes,
Euthanasia for me should be considered as a right.
I wish I had right to do whatever I want with my life.
I will never understand these laws.
Hope you're fine.

steve said...

Hi Herrad -

Your concern is very heart warming. Luckily this latest spike in BR's pain was user error, and I'm actually relieved that it brought the end-of-life topic to the table. We've discussed it in broad terms in the past, but never the kinds of details that really need to be sorted out.

Fear of dying can often keep people clinging to a miserable life much longer than is necessary by anyone's spiritual or moral standards. We have started the journey to discover exactly where that balance lies.

Herrad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
soulful sepulcher said...

Beautiful flowers on the balcony, patio planters and pots of flowers are my favorite thing. My middle daughter today, gave me a hanging basket fushia she planted for me for Mother's Day which I love. I haven't planted many annual flowers this year (actually none!)just the shrubs are all doing their own thing blooming.

I agree they make it too damn hard for people to find relief for pain and a dignified life when suffering with MS or any other painful deteriorating illness.

It's like the funding for special ed classes here is always cut and there are so few kids per school that it needs to go for, they are the bottom of the pole for school funding and they should be TOP priority.

Suffering shouldn't be burdened with more suffering and angst to survive while trying to live.

Have a happy Sunday Herrad and Richie.


Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

As far as I can see the law is an ass.

It is there to protect the rich man not the poor man.

It is a shame some people have no humanity and can not feel empathy with others.

Shame for them denying their own humanity.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your comment and info about BR.

Could not bear reading how much pain he is in.

Glad there was a reason and one where you can make a difference.

Wonder why these prejudiced men are so against cannabis?

Could it have something to do with business interersts?

And could it also be about control.

First it was Mexicans and others smoking weed but in the 70’s it was spreading to the middle classes and had t0o be controlled.

Listen t o Naom Chomsky on the subject he is very interesting.

Threating to remove medication to a sick individual is a very low thing to do and what terrible abuse of power.

Shocking to blackmail someone vunerable like that.

Hope you can work out something liveable for BR.


Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Obamma says "yes we can" for a lot of things but legalizing pot he is absolute NO!!! Ya know his Mother-N-Law suffered from MS and I believe lost her life due to complications to MS. I know he has put a lot of money into the MS research but of course not the medicinal marijuana. Maybe someday he will change his mind.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

The flowers are lovely, I akmk really enjoying the planter on the bedroom windowsill.

It is shitty that people can not get what they need.

Despicable that vulnerable kids are not well provided for they should be top of the list indeed.

The hanging basket with fuchsia's sounds lovely, wo0nder if we have room for a couple hanging baskets?

Will ask Richie.
Have a good Sunday.

Herrad said...

Hi everyone,

I removed a comment of mine in response to Ana and Steve's comments which I can only assume was somehow got at as I did not write the last sentence or so about a computer shop??


Has anyone had any problems with their text being changed?


Herrad said...

Hi Tara,

Iknew Obama had a member of the family who had MS hence his determination to allow stem cell research.

He should be aqquainted with the medicinal benefits of marijuna maybe that will change his mind.