Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Red Bow Award.

[The Red Bow Award

I would like to pass this award on to the following blogs:

I heard of Debbie on Nadja’s blog @ Living with MS

Debbie is a wonderful woman who has had MS for 9 years.
Her posts make compelling reading.
Glad I visited her blog; I intend to visit her often.

Debbie @ MS and Me: My Story

Dan sent me a mail saying that he and Jennifer were happy to have found my blog.
Dan and Jennifer have MS, so it is their story of life with MS.
Went to visit their blog and read Dan’s delightful post about them dancing.
Another blog I shall visit often.

Dan and Jennifer Digmann

Don Joe also mailed me and told me he was following my blog, he had found me via a friend’s blog.
Went right away to visit his blog and enjoyed reading it very much.
Think I will be back to read and laugh some more soon.

Don Joe @ Work Force

Have been visiting Stephany’s blog for awhile now, I admire how she has been supporting her daughter through her odyssey in the mental health system.
And how she tirelessly exposes the truth behind psychotic drugs and the pharmaceutical companies.

Stephany @ Soulful Sepulcher

Read about Justyna on Kris’s blog @ Behold the Metatron

Her blog is gorgeous; she has some delicious recipes and delightful stories about her life and her family.
She lives in Milan; hers is another blog I enjoy visiting often.

Justyna @ Love Lives in the Kitchen

I found Satheesh via Joseph’s blog @ Life in Motion.

Satheesh is a young law student; I am glad I saw his comment on Joseph’s blog and visited his blog.
Shall be back to visit quite often.

Satheesh Kumar @ A Romantic Touch

I found Donna via Diane @ A Stellar Life

I enjoy visiting Donnas’ blog; she has had a mega rough time with brain surgery and other medical problems.
I enjoy visiting and hearing how things are going, she always manages to remain optimistic.

Donna @ Arranging Shoes

First met Muffie on Mitch’s @ Enjoying the Ride

I enjoy visiting Mufffie, find her blog compelling and invariably find myself reading more than I intended. Like to visit her blog.

Muffie @ Kaleidoscope Muff

I can’t remember right now how I found Louisy’s blog; it must have been a comment of hers somewhere else.
But now I have found her blog I like to visit and enjoy her well written posts, this is another blog where I end up reading several posts before I know it.

Louisey @ Letting go

First met Nikina on Rain’s @ Rainy Days

Enjoy going to visit, as it is also a visit to Ontario which looks a beautiful place to live.
The countryside, the lakes, the wood and the mountains.
Nikina’s posts are good and the photos anre lovely.
Her most recent post if of a wonderful rehoming story of a beautiful husky and the instant love story between their new dog Timber and their Alaskan husky Lesl.

Nikina @ Nik’s Backyard

First saw Norma Lee Good on KOS! @ (Keep On S'myelin!)

She was recently been diagnosed with M S and Osteoporosis.
I enjoy a visit to her blog
Norma Lee Good @ Norma Lee Good

Think I found Steph’s blog via Tara @ Living Day To Day With MS

Enjoy visiting Steph’s blog; she has a great attitude to getting on with her life despite the MS.
I enjoy visiting every now and then.

Steph’s blog @ Side Dish of MS

I have enjoyed putting this post together hope you enjoy visiting these blogs as much as I do.


Mary LA/louisey said...

Thanks Herrad -- some great new blogs for me to read!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Thank you to a great and wonderful, strong woman that you are. A friend to people around the world, while battling your illness, I thank you for supporting me and lifting me up, and for this blog award.

Have a good evening!!


Debbie said...

Thank you so much Herrad! I actually figured out how to put it on my blog!! I'll have to check out the other blogs you mentioned. Have a wonderful Thursday!! Love, Debbie

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for coming by
Glad you like the award.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your kind comment.
You are brilliant and deserve many awards.

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for coming by, glad you like the award.

Thanks everyone for coming by.
Keep warm.

nikina said...

Thank u very very much Herrad. I agree, Ontario is a wonderful place to live. A dream coming true for me :)I have never been happier since I moved here, from Germany, a little over two years ago :) I am glad u enjoy my pics and the story of my in love pooches :)

Muffie said...

Hi, Herrad,
Thank you so very much!!! I have long admired you and I read your blog every day. So getting this from you means a great deal to me!

Herrad said...

Hi Nikina,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
Glad you like the award.
I love your doggies, think that there are many people who feel the same way.

Hi Muffie,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your very kind comment.
Glad you like the award.

Thanks both of you for coming by and leaving comments.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Dan Digmann said...

Thanks you so much for the Red Bow Award! So glad we found your blog and thanks for sharing your insight into other blogs to read!

Take care,

Dan and Jennifer

Bibliotekaren said...


Stephany said it well about how you are a friend to many around the world in the midst of your own battle. And, some days I feel overwhelmed by words. I love seeing the selection of photos and art that you've chosen. I always wonder how long that takes you to find the selections.

Thanks for the award.


zoomdoggies said...

Herrad - Thank you for all you do to promote and expand the online community of people whose lives have been affected by MS. It is a very fine thing.

Herrad said...

Hi Dan,
Thanks for coming by. happy you like the award.
Glad you found my blog, lovely to have met you.
It is a great pleasure to post about blogs I have met, like you and Jennifer. like to share.

Hi Donna,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your kind comment.
I appreciate the blog world and all the friendship and support.
Think it is important to give support.
Took me no time at all to find my selection just put surreal art and got lots of pages.

Hi Zoomdoggies,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your kind comment.
I have been getting tremendous support and just want to give support back.
Think it is important we support each other.

Thanks all of you for coming by and leaving such kind comments.
Lovely to see your names.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Amrita said...

Congratulations for the award Herrad.Hope you are doing well

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your good wishes.
I am being very well looked after by Richie.
Have a good weekend.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Herrad:)

Greetings and good wishes:)

Many,many thanks for this lovely award. You have given me so many awards. You are very kind and generous and I am honored.

Unfortunately my blog Life in Motion has been blocked by the google administrator and I can't open it although others can access it. I don't know why. So I have started a new blog A MAN ON THE MOVE with the

I will post this award on my new blog. I hope you will find some time to visit my new blog.

My prayers and best wishes:)

Herrad said...

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Real shame about your blog, hope you can get in soon.
Have a good Sunday.