Thursday, November 03, 2011

It Takes Time.

El Sueno.
Angel Planells.

It’s amazing how much time it’s taken me to come to terms with my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in July 2006, what a shock that was.

July 2006 I walked 15 minutes down the Prinsengracht, to the hospital, which was at the end of my street, for the result of my MRI, probably the last time I walked anywhere.

 On 20 November I became an inpatient at the Rehabilitation Clinic, the reason they admitted me, was because I had been stuck indoors in virtual isolation for months.

On entering the Clinic on a Wednesday I was immediately given a wheelchair, after 3 days using the wheelchair I could no longer use my walker on my first weekend at home.

Being at the Rehabilitation Clinic for a month was good as it took me out of my isolation; sadly I went back to that isolation again after a month of being among people.

Then it took another 6 months for us to finally get an apartment with a lift, in May 2007, we took it, but sadly when we moved in, it became clear that I could no longer use keys’

That meant I would not be able to come and go independently, now I needed an escort to go out, who would open the door.

I also needed help opening my bag, purse, followed by help in pushing me up the road, my arm muscles had weakened after a being shut up at home for so long.

I had not been able to go any where since April 2006, although I had somehow managed to get myself to and from work until June 2006.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

You have come a long way. I hope connecting with others helps with isolation. It does for me. You are a steady friend and give me hope I can face whatever comes next. You have a great indoor environment and husband/caregiver and pets. Have a great weekend! love, mary

S.S-O said...

it's a whole lot to come to terms one can blame or taking a long time at all! everything moved so fast

Gareth said...

Hi there folks just popping by to say a BIG HELLO, yes time is a strange affair I have the feeling that its speeding up as the weeks are flying by. Wishing you folks a pleasent weekend and enjoy your time with Richies sister next week.

Herrad said...

hi mary,
connecting with you and everyone else really helps.

hi stacey,
you are right its alot to come to terms with for any of us.

hi gareth,
i think time does what it always did just our perceptions have changed.

thanks to you 3 lovely friends for coming by.
your friendship and support mean alot to me,they make life good.