Sunday, November 27, 2011

Puppy Fun.

Enrique Tabara.

It’s been a week full of puppy fun, Tina has been a wonderful addition, Marleen and Cyril are noticeably happier since she got here.

Her coming to live here has rejuvenated both dogs; they are playing much more exuberantly than before she arrived.

The other thing that is wonderful is how well the dogs are getting on, Marleen was good right away, and the two of them slept together on the second night, Cyril got worried but soon bounced back.

Especially when on the third day, Cyril found out that playing in the park with her was great fun, better then before her arrival.

On Thursday, it was just one week, but it feels almost like Tina has been here much longer, so well do the dogs get on, it really is good to see.

We did have three dogs until one, our Daisy died in June 2006, just before my ms diagnosis, which shocked us; then we had other things on our minds than getting a new dog.

When our lovely dog, Spike died last December, we decided to give another dog a new home, Cyril joined us in January, happily Marleen and Cyril got on very well.

We recently decided to look for another dog to join our two darlings. It took several months, and then last week there finally was just Th dog we were looking for, tine

Three dogs seems to work very well for dogs, makes them very happy, dogs prefer to live in packs, so our three dogs are happy with their pack.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great news! Have a wonderful week runnin' with the pack! Love, Mary

Karen said...

Hi Herrad,
I am so happy to hear that all the dogs are getting along well! I can only handle one dog at a time, I guess Hubber's and I are his pack.

Herrad said...

hi mry,
its lovely,tina is a sweetie.

hi karen,
the dogs like each which is brilliant, dogs need other dogs even just to play with on a walk.

thanks you lovely friends for visiting.