Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time To Be Proactive.

Laurie Lipton.

Today I had an appointment with Maurits, my occupational therapist and Frans, from RTD het Dorp, to give his second opinion, whether Seetech, the software operated by eye movement was justifiable for me.

 I saw Frans once before in February, when he dominated the room, loomed large over me, he stood just behind me, almost shouting in my ear.

Patronising me in a bellowing voice, not listening for a second, to why I needed what I needed, if he had he would have understood that in February I needed Seetech.

It would have been good to have been able to learn how to use it, before my index finger finally stops functioning; which is happening now.

Today Frans tried to patronise me again, started lecturing me again, after awhile I couldn’t handle sitting there having him tell me what I could do and what I needed.

So I told him that I knew exactly .how my condition was, I could feel only too well how my arms were getting very heavy, difficult to move, that I recognised paralysis was happening

Basically that I needed the Seetech software now, Richie backed me up saying that it was time that I got what I needed on time.

Richie said that there have been too many aids given too late that I could not use, that were no longer useful as my MS had progressed again, he said it was time to be proactive.

After that Frans finally got down to business writing down all the things I had tried, that he need to use in his second opinion backing up my application for Seetech.

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