Friday, November 18, 2011

More About Tina.


Day two with Tina, she is a delightful little dog, even though its early days, yet already the three dogs seem to be working things out between them.

Marleen has let Tina know she is the top dog, Cyril had a wobble yesterday, he got worried and insecure, but a visit to the pet shop for tripe, dry tripe chews as well as new toys soon cheered him up.

This morning Richie got up early, to take the dogs to the park, when they returned Marleen, Cyril and Tina were very happy dogs.

They ran around jumping into dog beds, and then back out again, all at top speed, almost like whirling dervishes, they kept this up for more than 30 minutes

Tina had to be introduced to dog beds, yesterday she immediately wanted to sit on the sofa and chew her smelly tripe chew, she didn’t understand, she does today.

The next thing is to get her totally house trained, at the moment she has not made the connection between going out to the dog toilet and peeing or pooling.

This afternoon she came back from the dog toilet and had a pee, then a poo under the table in the front room.

I am sure Richie will be able to help Tina make the connection soon, she is a clever wee dog, will soon be house trained.

The good news is Tina likes us all, she has started to defend the house by barking at potential intruders, I am so happy she has made her mind up that this is her new home.


Gareth said...

Great to read that Tina is settling in Nicely, can just picture them jumping in and out of their beds:)
Wishing You folks a pleasent weekend.

Gareth said...

Hi there just to say Its nice to hear that Tina is settling in, can just see them all diving in and out of their beds:)
Wishing ya a Pleasent weekend

pb said...

The Death card is so appropriate! It always signals a huge enough change that the person's world--as she knew it--has come to an end!!!

A little poo here and there is appropriate, too. At least until Tina has assured herself that she is there to stay.

cubanrick said...

I'm so happy for you Herrad, I hope the new addition brings joy to you, Richie and the other doggies!

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
tina is settling in very well, marleen and tina are friends now.

hi pb,
thanks for your advice, tina seems to have decided this is her place she pooed outside since yesterday.

hi rick,
tina is making us all very happy already.

thanks you lovely friends for coming by.

janis said...

awe! this made me smile!
Welcome little Tina!