Friday, November 25, 2011

Good News And Bad News.

James Gleeson, 1980.

Today I heard that the application for Seetech software has been given the thumbs up by my health insurance.

Good to know that this has now finally been agreed to, not before time too, feels like I have been waiting forever.

It just feels like centuries, everything does when you apply to burocrats for it, and this is when I wish I were rich.

The good news is, I will get Seetech, and the bad news is that Frans, from RTD Het Dorp will be supplying it.
I am astonished, had thought he was just giving his second opinion, not hijacking the order.

The thought of Frans installing the software and giving me instructions how to use it was too horrible, that upset me even more.

I wrote to Herman to express my disappointment, that his company wouldn’t be the supplier.

He wrote back, telling me, I could still choose the supplier, which I thought I had done, but the second opinion obviously disrupted this.

When I heard that I could chose who delivers the software I immediately contacted Agis, my health insurers via their website, phones too busy on Friday.

To let them know Herman’s company HEServis is the supplier I chose, I will check with them on Monday.


Ana said...

Having to depend on bureaucratic system to solve healthy problems is an absurd!
It should be a crime. It must be, I'm sure there are something that criminalizes it but.. we know who have the last word.
I hope you can have an answer this week.
Love you Herrad.
I saw the picture of your dog. :)

Gareth said...

hey Folks nice to read that you will get the correct steering device a real shame that your choice of instaler was ignored,. Hope you get through on monday.
Well is very blustery over here at the mo, was scraping paint of me stairs and the wind is whisling through the doors and letter box, hope to fix this as getting new PVC doors as this will stop the draughts.
and whisling effect.