Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Looking Forward To Next Tuesday

El Sueno Vij 1936.

This morning I became conscious of being awake, a couple of minutes before the first spasm, this was immediately followed by my arms painfully clamping tightly over my chest

I thoroughly enjoyed those couple of minutes without any discomfort, nice to start the day without pain, much more enjoyable to be able to engage slowly with the new day.  .

One good thing the spasm as well as the tension in my arms soon stopped, even better still today I needed no help with doing my arm exercises, instead I could do them all on my own.

Very pleasing doing 30 minutes of arm exercises, I even managed to steer my wheelchair into the front room, which I enjoyed, that gave me quite a boost, already a good day for me.

Now I am looking forward to next week Tuesday, when Richie’s sister Aud, will come over to visit with us until Thursday, when she flies back home..

It’s brilliant that she can; she was her father’s carer until he died last autumn, she is also her husband’s carer, and luckily a good friend of her husband will be able to look after him so she can visit.

Very much looking forward to finally meeting Aud, she found my blog a few years ago, and left a sweet message in my guest book which really touched me.

I must remember to tell Aud how much I appreciated finding her message, such an unexpected surprise, really wonderful that she found my blog.

Next week Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, I am keeping free of appointments; it will be reserved for our visitor, except for my physiotherapy session Thursday afternoon.

I am looking forward to next week Tuesday.


Webster said...

I think it's a joy to have a visit to look forward to. I'm surprised you haven't yet met your Sister-on-law Aud. It should be fun for all of you.

Herrad said...

hi webster,
thanks for visiting it will be nice to meet aud next week.