Sunday, November 06, 2011

Welzorg = We Don't Mind And You Don't Matter.

 Hide And Seek, 1942.

Pavel Tchelitchew.

Sunday evening, I am sitting in the front room looking out on a dark street outside; the street lights give a lovely cosy feel to the neighbourhood

I am getting quite used to the dark nights, actually enjoying them this year, I don’t usually like the nights being so very long.

And the days being so short but it seemed pointless to get upset about yet another thing that I can’t do anything about, better to go with the flow and enjoy.

Just sent an email to Welzorg, describing my situation, which is that I have been waiting since the 28th of October, for a simple repair to my wheelchair.

The man that came out then, could do-nothing but report that a new part was needed, he left saying they would be in touch in the next week.

They weren’t in touch, yesterdays because of my mails, I was phoned by Welzorg, a quick call, not long enough for me to be able to pick up, no name given, just asked me to call their helpline.

I did, spoke to yet another anonymous employee, who neither knew, nor was interested in knowing what the problem was, he sent someone who also could do nothing but report back.

More promises from Nick, the engineer that I would be called back next week, sounds like I have been here before.

Tomorrow I will phone see what happens, every time I phone there I get a different person who knows nothing, oh well that’s tomorrow, let me enjoy the here and now, tonight.


Anonymous said...

test- richie

Herrad said...

thanks richie, i think another blogger glitch as this is only commen today.

KParthasarathi said...

Your experience is rather common here with nameless entities passing the buck with solution to the problem orginally complained remaining elusive.It is frustrating to say the least.But I would consider such casual treatment for a wheelchair repair is heartless.The only saving grace is your positive attitude looking for the bright things even in long nights.
Thank you,Herrad.I wish the problem gets sorted out at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

Gee, they sound super helpful.

Herrad said...

hi kp,
thanks i hope they will solve this asap.

hi mary,
they are terribly unhelpful.

so annoying having anything to do with welzorg.
thanks for coming by.