Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welzorg Keeps Customers In The Dark.

Kris Kuksi.
Welzorg surprised us, by calling me at 09.00, to tell me they were coming to collect my wheelchair, to fit the new two handed steering for Richie.

I wonder how they could phone me Thursday last week; to inform me it could be done here in Amsterdam, but couldn’t also tell me when.

Seems now it could be back the same day, not the week they previously insisted was needed, why didn’t they let us know their intentions on Monday.

Then we would have been organised, as it was Richie couldn’t do the things he wanted to do, he had to be home for when they brought the wheelchair back.

The pickup happened at 11.30, a big relief for the dogs, who needed to get out, Richie couldn’t go, before the person from Welzorg had collected the wheelchair.

I am very glad that we have at last got the correct steering for Richie, we should have been given this last November, maybe then I wouldn’t have fallen out of the wheelchair in June.

Amazing, finally it happened, shame it didn’t happen in October, when the weather was so warm for that time of year.

When Arjan, from Welzorg phoned last week Thursday, he let slip that they had the steering available to install since mid October.

That’s Welzorg, no wonder they lost their monopoly, I feel sorry for their staff that do their jobs well.

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