Friday, November 04, 2011

People First Not Profits.

Jacques Andre Boiffard

Trying to keep being optimist and positive, is not easy when dealing with the band of local council mobility advisors, therapists, suppliers that I have to deal with.

This last week I have been left waiting for Welzorg to come back and finish the job they couldn’t mend last week Friday.

Instead I have not heard from anyone, no one has bothered to reply to my mails and I am trapped indoors with my right arm support propped up by two books.

A big shame, as the weather has been mild this week, I would like to go out but can‘t not until my wheelchair arm rest is mended.

 Today is a beautiful sunny day, no wind, quite warm for November, but I have to put going outside out of my mind for now.

Not easy but I will do my best to stay strong and not get too upset by this dereliction of Welzorg’s .duty of care to their clients, from whom they make alot of money.

Richie found out recently that Welzorg was bought up by a European investment company, which explains much.

They are no longer the national company but venture capitalists, who only care about profits not people.

I wish, that they will experience what I have had to put up with from their companies representatives, I bet they would hate to get MS and be treated so badly, shame on them all..


Behold the Metatron said...

SHAME SHAME! You are right Herrad. The world is a scary place. Have a great weekend.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Wow, I hope it gets better. Sorry you are missing nice weather. Have a great weekend in spite of all you have to deal with. Love, mary

Rhapsody B. said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm....I have found (to my otter disappointment) the many cannot relate unless they have the experience or someone they loved dearly have the experience. Its a shame but it is the truth. Empathy isn't always a given and money walks, talks and makes the world go round. Had it been something that impacted their fiscal bottom line they would have been on it like white on rice but you are merely one small voice in the midst of in a typhoon.

Though I understand it’s challenging please don't let your spirits wane.

God bless, have a great day.
My regards to Richie.


Webster said...

The only thing that makes this palatable to me is that I believe in Karma.

I'm sorry you are missing nice Fall days outside.

Have you heard anything about those new apartments that were to open up?

Herrad said...

hi kris,
thanks,hope your weekend has been fun.

hi mary,
its a shame i missed the mild weather. i too hope things improve soon.

hi rhapsody,
thanks i won't let it get to me.

hi webster,
very nice fall weather, sadly going now.

thanks all you sweet frienfs for coming by.