Monday, November 28, 2011

Hijack By RTD Het Dorp.


Joan Miro.

It seems life is not going to get easier; on the contrary, it’s got more complicated, last Friday I got told my requested software had at long last been agreed by Agis.

I heard at the same time; I should let them know who the supplier would be, I did this right away, through the website, their phone lines were just too busy on Friday.

This morning, I phoned, in order to be sure my message got to the correct department, sadly
Agis’s computer system was down, so I got asked to phone again this afternoon.

Melissa said to phone back at 15.00, she thought the computers would be working by then; she was pleased when I commiserated with her about having to start her week like that

Apparently I was the first person to be sympathetic to her; this was at 11.00, when I called
back at 15.00 I could finally leave my message; an hour later I got called back.

I was told they only had one bid for the contract, it wasn’t HEServis, it was RTD Het Dorp, who I thought were giving the second opinion not hijacking the contract.

Two weeks ago when Frans was here to give his opinion whether I should get it or not, was I handicapped enough, I was led to believe he backed the application.

It seems he left here, went away to draw up his own bid, seemingly undercutting the other bid, so  I do not get the excellent package put together by Herman from HEServis.

Instead I get an old system, with fewer possibilities, only one language, I speak three, I use all three. I hope my occupational therapist will be able to sort this mess out soon I need Seetech right now.



Gareth said...

Hi folks so sad and angry to read that you again have to fight to get the service that you deserve. Sending Lots of Strength and posativeness your way.
Nice tio read about the doggie antics
Love @ Strength GXXX

Rhapsody B. said...


If it ain't one thing its another.

Hang in there.

Webster said...

Damn Herrad, it is so frustrating to read about this crap, it must be hell for you and Richie to live it. I am glad you are learning to take it i stride, as it were. lol Keep your focus on your wee doggies.

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
its very annoying,so typical of how things go.
and then to hear aquarius had only just sent their bid, it took 24 days.

hi rhapsody,
its always another thing.

hi rhapsody,
its horrible.

hi webster,
i am doing my best.

thanks you dear friends for coming by.