Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life Is Like That.

On The Verge Of Becoming.
James Gleeson.

This morning I woke to the sound of happy dogs, so I called out hello doggies and Tina immediately jumped up on my bed for a cuddle and a hand licking session.

I have missed a dog doing that ever since, my special little friend, our lovely Spike died of spinal nerve cancer on 18th December last year.

Spike reminded me so much of my dog in Trinidad, my Peggy, a gorgeous Dalmatian, a wonderful nutty dog who was always there for me.

Just like Spike was there for me, when I had to stay in bed so suddenly in 2008, Spike was my constant bedside companion and entertainer.

First thing in the morning he would leap up to say hello, every morning begun with him licking my hands, then a cuddle before he would go off for toys, for me to throw for him to catch.

A great arrangement for Spike, he really did try to fill my days playing with him that dog was my therapist, keeping me busy all day and all night if he could.

Such incredible determination, he wouldn’t give up easily he never did, he was an incredible character, a 100% unique personality, glad we had the pleasure of his company for 8 years.  

We both still can’t believe that he died last December, we had hoped he would be with us for another 4 to 5 years, poor little fellow was only 9 when he died, which was really not fair.

That’s illness for you, everyone can get ill, that’s what fascinates me about the burocrats, I have to deal with who arrogantly patronise me, ‘’the poor little disabled woman’’.

They should remember that anyone can be in my situation, it just happens, life is like that.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

You said it, we have no choice since life is like that...Sorry about Spike however I hope Tina helps some

Webster said...

Tina sounds like a super addition to your pack. I am so glad she is so attentive to you, as Spike was. It's good that one of the dogs is a Mama's girl.

Herrad said...

hi kim,
thanks for your comment, tina is a joy.

hi webster,
she is lovely, she and marleen are friends.

thanks to you lovely friends for coming by.

steve said...

Congratulations on the happy expanded family, Herrad!


Herrad said...

hi steve,
thanks for your visit lovely to see your comment.
i hope you are well.
ps love to see you again