Friday, November 11, 2011

Wish I Could Stop It.

The Juggler, 1931.
Pavel Tchelitchew.

Today has been a quiet dreamy day, it is much colder as autumn is becoming winter, and we have had the heating on several times already in the morning, that’s how cold it is today.

We have both noticed that Aud has had a very good effect on Cyril, who seems happier today, he is more confident after getting so much attention from Aud.

Today because he enjoyed playing with Aud for 3 days, he is very playful and has been demanding games as well as lots of cuddles from Richie, nice to see Cyril so relaxed.

Ten months ago, on 5th January Cyril was brought home by Richie, then he had virtually no muscles, he only weighted just 4 kg, now he weighs 7 ¾ kg and has muscles, glad we could give him a new home..

I am looking forward to Cyril getting even more confident and happy, apparently it takes one year for a dog to get used to a new home, and I wonder how he will be in January 2012.

What will I be like in January 2012, right now my arms are getting extremely painful, they feel so heavy, I never thought how heavy they would feel as it becomes more difficult to move. .

I know that I have been good recently at not spending valuable time speculating about the future, but when I became aware of my arms becoming heavy it got me thinking.

As I have no answers I decided to stop thinking about what will happen next, I prefer not to do that as I don’t want to get myself upset, maybe even depressed.

I would love to pretend nothing was happening, that is not possible as I am all too aware that my body is slowly shutting down, weird to be recording this happening, wish I could stop it.


Anonymous said...

Greetings H@R, just caught up with ya blog after a busy week with work and sorting out house. Glad to read that the arm rest has finaly been fixed and that you enjoyed the visit from richies sister. really sounds like Cyril made a new friend:) Lets hope the Sun shine this weekend and you can get out.
thinking of you all Love GXXX

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
lovely to see your comment, we were surprised about the wall,curious what you are having done.
have a good weekend.
ps cyril was totaly in love with aud

Che koala said...

Dear Herrad

Love the pic of The Juggler.

Surprised to realise it is 10 months Cyril has been flourishing under yours and Richie's care.

Thinking of you :)
Take care

Rhapsody B. said...

All that you are feeling I would think is natural. You have endured and lost so much it would be had not to worry.

Take care....

my regards to Richie

Webster said...

I'm so glad to hear that Cyril is doing much better. I felt that he was, but your seeing him interact with Aud just pointed it out. Good job!!!!!!

Webster said...

Oh. Will you ask that juggler to turn around please? I can't see all of the balls.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Stopping in to say Hi and leave a HUG, I wish you could stop it also.

Herrad said...

hi chekoala,
lovely to see your comments, a beautiful reminder of how good it is that we are all in touch.
thinking of you too.

hi rhapsody,
thanks, its been tough and so quick.

hi webster,
aud has been very good for cyril.

thanks everyone for coming by.
have a pleasant day