Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peace And Harmony.

Spiral Head, 1952.
Pavel Tchelitchew.

Yesterday, Richie and I were talking about how my MS diagnosis in 2006, has had a big impact on our lives, how it has totally changed our lives.

Our lives as we knew them then, was over, one thing it has no effect on is on us, on who we are, before my diagnosis I was looking forward to getting old with my darling Richie, now I look forward to seeing him again everyday.

That is why my blog  is not just about ms; it is about the things that I can't do any more, things I encounter, like the frustrations of dealing with companies like Welzorg, but also of helpful  people.

My blog is my daily diary of the pain and discomfort of ms but it’s also about the pain and suffering that I read abut in the newspaper and see on the TV screen.

Like seeing the man covered in blood running up the middle of the road in Syria shouting they are killing us, and in the next moment he was killed on TV, we saw this on Dutch TV.

He looked like someone I knew, called Hassan, who owned a falafel shop, he used to give us squatters extra, seeing this man killed cold-bloodedly on the TV was upsetting, I shall never forget him.

O n the BBC TV we saw the desperate lives of a group of people in Zimbabwe, small children, who should have been at primary school.

Doing everything to earn money to feed their families and to pay for themselves to go to school, everyday they did n ot succeed,   it was heartbreaking viewing.

The desperate situation in Bahrain, where doctors and nurses have been tortured and sentenced to long prison sentences for practising medicine.

Hopefully their sentences will be repealed as other countries express their alarm about the high level of state repression, other African dictators are quite rightly worrying about maintaining their status at all cost.

Wouldn’t be good if people could finally be able to live in peace and harmony, without manipulation by dictators who are kept in power by our ‘’democratic’’ governments.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thinking of you and yours. love, mary

kmilyun said...

It is good that you have a definite purpose as to why you blog. Some of us have been questioning our purposes for continuing to blog. I ask myself - do I really need an online diary?

I enjoy reading your diary - not only do you share "pain and discomfort" but in doing so, you share your strength and determination.


Have Myelin? said...

Herrad, we were diagnosed the same year. I did not realize that.

You have retained your optimistic spirit all this time. =)

The world sure has changed a lot since 2006 - and not for the better.

Herrad said...

hi mary,
thanks,thinking of you too.

hi jan,
i enjoy writing and ommunicating with you an other blog friendd.
i hope you keep writing your blog.

hi sherry,
lovely to see your comment, 2006 was quite a shocker getting the ms diagnosis, for you too.
how i wish it were not so.

thanks to you dear friends for coming by.