Monday, November 07, 2011

A Pleasant Visit.

Pavel Tchelitchew.

Amazingly this morning an e-mail arrived fromWelz org, wow, my first ever mail from them in 5 years of being let down, left waiting and kept uninformed.
The mail informed me that Ms Bloom had phoned last week and told me that the new arm rest would arrive on 11.11; I was extremely astonished to read this.

As I hadn’t spoken to anyone from Welzorg although I tried to, and I certainly would have remembered one of their employees giving their name and letting me know what’s happening.

Informing their clients is not what they do; they seem to prefer to keep their vulnerable customers in the dark.

I am surprised that a new arm rest has been ordered, when all that is needed is a new bolt to hold the arm support in place.

How typical, hopefully they will have a new bolt that holds the arm rest securely in place, so that I can sit well again.

Shame Welzorg couldn’t have mended it last week and I could have gone out while the weather was so mild it was 20 degrees on Thursday, Friday, lovely with no cold wind.

Since Sunday it has become much colder, I think the temperature has dropped considerably.

Hopefully tomorrow will be nice day for Richie’s sister Aud’s visit, looking forward to seeing her.



steve said...

Howdy, Herrad! 20 degree days are very nice, indeed! Things are finally cooling off in Austin, but we are still suffering without rain. Over the weekend, I drove through the area burned by the Bastrop wildfire two months ago. I had never seen a burnt forest before, and have to admit that I found it quite beautiful. Too bad with the beauty came so much suffering for the people who lost their homes and pets.

Now as for this phantom Ms. Bloom, the only thing I can think of is the name is an acronym for "Been Lying On Our Mailings."

Love to you and Richie!


KParthasarathi said...

Glad that a new arm to yr chair wld be fixed soon.All is well that ends well.Take care

Miss Chris said...

Hi Herrad! So glad I found your blog again. It's been too long since I blogged so now I'm back at it.

Herrad said...

hi steve, brilliant seeing your comment.
the cronym for ms bloom is good.

hi kp,
i will be happy when i know it will really happen.

hi miss chris,
really lovely seeing your comment.glad you are back, hope you are well.

thanks to all you lovely friends for coming by.

Dream Lash said...

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