Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pandora's Box.

 Amazing scenes of incredibly brave people who despite many being shot by the police and the army are still demonstrating in Egypt’s Tahrir square.

 This time against the military who have been in charge there for 60 years, the Egyptian people rose up, in January against President Mubarak’s regime.

He went, the military didn’t, they are still there ordering the tear gassing and shooting, to kill, maim, frighten the population into submission.

The reasons there are so many brutal, corrupt governments, is that so called ‘’democratic’’ governments, our governments have kept them in power.

Countries seem to find these dictators easy to do business with, regardless of the desperate situation of the people.

Russia supports Syria, it gives them strategic ports, and Syria is supported by Iran so China supports Syria too, USA supports Egypt its an important strategic ally, they support Bahrain who gives them ports, which is why they do nothing to stop the brutality there.

Tunisia was the spark that ignited the struggle for self determination, for Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia; self immolation was his only way to protest against the extreme corruption.

For the rest of us this is a dreadful situation which will explode one day, protesters in Tahrir square have already noticed that the teargas is made in the USA.


Gerry said...

I have been trying to get over to your blog ever since you sent me an e-mail showing your new dog. I read down your entries and am so glad you might have a new bedside companion to take your beloved Spike's place. Sounds like she is a good one. I read your other entries. I can't believe how you still struggle on with such courage. You are a strong lady!

Herrad said...

hi gerry,
thanks for your kind words, coming from a strong woman like you it is a wonderful compliment.

Webster said...

Yep, it's the same tear gas that our police are spraying quite liberally onto our own Occupy Wall Street peaceful protesters. I watch the news and wonder which country I' looking at! It's a shameful thing to have one's RIGHTS of speech and assembly trampled on so easily.