Monday, November 21, 2011

Foggy Monday.

James Gleeson.

 It’s very good to see how Tina’s arrival has had such a positive effect on Marleen and Cyril; during my physiotherapy session, they had an exiting game of tug in the bedroom with Richie.

Another extremely foggy day again today by 14.30 it was so thick I couldn’t hardly see people on the street until they were right outside, now at 17.43 it’s an even foggier night.

Richie and the dogs have just got back, rushing round, still full of excitement from the park, playing together at top speed, especially Cyril and Tina

Richie told me the dogs have become energised by Tina coming to live with us; she is a wonderful little dog, who has made going to the park even more exciting.

I enjoyed sitting in the front room watching the fog getting thicker, very funny noticing how the end of the street slowly disappeared into the fog.

Later on at 20.00 the fog lifted and the temperature has dropped considerably, this is now winter,

Because Cyril and Tina went swimming Richie had to take the dogs to the dog toilet, on their return, Richie’s hands were like lumps of ice, so we had to wait until they had warmed up.

When Richie’s hands were warm he took me to the bathroom and then back to bed, which was so much better with warm hands.

Back in bed we ate delicious lasagne while watching University Challenge on BBC 2, now I am enjoying listening to the Choir and writing my post,


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great to hear your dog stories. Have a great week. Love, Mary

Herrad said...

hi mary,
glad you like them, i hope your week is pleasant too.

Miss Chris said...

Hi Herrad. I hope you're doing well. :) Glad to hear you have happy doggies.

Herrad said...

hi miss chris,
i am doing well with happy dogs playing round me,hope you are well.
thanks for coming by.