Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Brilliant Visit.

Pavel Tchelitchew.

I was pleasantly surprised ait lunchtime today when the bell rang at 12.20 and surprise, surprise  it was the Welzorg engineer, as promised, to mend the broken arm rest.

Even better still Tijl, the engineer managed to get the new part fitted, it took him quite awhile to finish the job; he got here at 12.20 and left at 13.20.

He was busy for the full hour trying to work out how to best install the new bolt, finally he succeeded and Richie could put the books back on the bookshelves.

After Tijl left, it was suddenly 14.30 much too quickly and Mathilde was here for our Thursday physiotherapy session.

Then far too soon it was 16.30 and very sadly Aud had to leave, Richie took her up the road to the tram stop, the dogs are cross with us, especially Cyril who wants his new best friend back.

Cyril was obviously in love, he enjoyed playing with Aud, he slipped into Aud’s room last night and snuggled up under the duvet, and we missed him but thought it was very sweet.

It has been brilliant having Richie’s sister here to stay for three days, she like Richie is a fulltime carer for her partner, so it was very fortunate that. a friend could help.

 Hopefully Aud will be able to visit again soon, it was very good to spend time with her, it felt like we knew each other for years, a good visit which will be remembered fondly until the next visit.


Webster said...

I hope Richie and Aud also had some alone time, like maybe when the dogs needed to go out. You're very right - two days goes my much too fast. It's nice that your bolt has now been replaced. If I am correct, 11/11/11 is the day your bed cushion should be here.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

It is a relief to get the armrest repaired....So much fun to have a short visit. Hopefully it will happen again soon

Herrad said...

hi webtr,
they did, they are both happy to have seen each other agaan.
i enjoyed meeting aud very much, lovely woman.
three days is much to fast. 11.11 was when the part to mend the arm support was supposed to be here, luckily it was a day early.

Herrad said...

ps they haven't had the go ahead for the bed support yet.

Herrad said...

hi kim,
its a huge relief.
the visit was great.
thanks for yours.