Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not ThisTime.

Joan Miro.

Today has been a day where the only thing I could do was wait and hope that Herman had successfully resubmitted his bid.

If he did then I should get the news quite quickly, Frans was here on 15th November, he sent his bid in right away, and he heard on 25th that his bid won, he got the sale.

Then I heard the customer could choose the supplier, so I made my choice known, Agis informed me that while I may have the right to decide the supplier.

However because I see an occupational therapist, I could not speak for myself; my OT was the one to explain.

Brilliant, so because I am handicapped and see an O.T suddenly I can not speak for myself, what a thing, not really surprising as they are so sexist and discriminatory here.

So I should not be surprised, Maurits was the one to do the talking; this reminds me of when I worked as an agency worker at Euronet, I had completed a network plus course, my ambition was to become network engineer.

Euronet were looking to train up network engineers, my misfortune was to have a manager who didn’t think women could do the job.

He actually told me that men were born engineers; they had it in their genes, shortly after I got another IT helpdesk job.

I never got another opportunity then, this time I will not let myself get bullied by another ignorant bully like Frans


Miss Chris said...

What an ignorant bully indeed. It's their loss because they obviously don't know anything about you if they think you couldn't handle it.

Herrad said...

hi miss chris,
he was horrible, so ignorant about ms, how its afecting me.
that did not stop him telling me what i felt and what i could do.
thanks for your visit.