Saturday, November 05, 2011

Stay Being Myself.

Enrique Tabara.

Had literal a crappy day, luckily no accident in bed, apart from feeling warm I did not have any stomach cramps or any warning.

Guess I should have realised I needed the toilet when I continuously could not maintain my position, except for a mere minute or two.

I hate having to always be asking Richie to adjust me, but that is my reality these days, I got Richie annoyed when he found out that I was trying not to call him too much.

Richie wants me to call him right away, rather than trying to cope with typing half lying on my side.

I agree it’s better to be corrected right away for both of us, it is nicer for me not to lean over to the left, putting huge strain on my back as well as side.

Need to ask for help when I need it, better that I don’t try to be brave, when it’s actually the opposite, its foolhardy as making do is not good for me.

Too painful for me not t ocall help, really hoping that Aquarius will have a solution soon for me, I need one pretty quick too.

Tonight I am quite tired after all my discomfort, glad despite it all I still managed to keep reasonably ok, though I m sure all the stress I was feeling probably me irritable.

I hate getting like that, not how I want to be, not easy to keep sweet tempered, not when feeling so much non stop pain, discomfort, all I can do is try to stay being myself, which is optimistic.

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