Monday, November 14, 2011

Dreamy Afternoon.

Head of Spring, 1941/1942.
Pavel Tchelitchew.

Mathilde was here on time, for our physiotherapy session, we got started right away, when she lifted my right arm it triggered off an extremely painful spasm.

She massaged my shoulder, as well stretching exercises with my arms; I also inhaled THC which helped me relax and do the rest of the exercises

Now, I am feeling quite dreamy, it looks nice outside today, but having felt Richie and Mathilde’s cold hands I know that it’s freezing outside.

A day when I am happy to stay in and enjoy being warm while seeing people wearing a lot more layers of. clothes than at the beginning of the month when it was mild weather.

Noticed again just now during my Monday appointment with Mathilde, that lifting my right arm is a big effort, impossible to stretch as far as my left arm.

This week touching my nose with my right hand was quite an effort, lifting my arm was almost herculean; it felt good when I had finished.

Really good, so good afterwards, that I am sure that I have been sitting here smiling since Mathilde left.

The sunshine has started to fade away now, as its 16.00, it will be dark by 17.00, and then Richie will make pasta Carbonara for me, which is delicious.

I am looking forward to this evening; I have been sitting in our front room sine 12.00 which has been delightful.  


Gareth said...

Hi Sweeties glad ya been feeling all Dreamy and way to go doing all the exercises. Thinking of ya all sending HUGE HUGS GXXX

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Sounds delicious! Have a great dinner! love, mary

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
thinking of you too, missed seeing you in september, hope you can visit next year.

hi mary,
it was a delicioyus dinner.
thanks you 2 dear sweet friends for coming by.