Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tina, Our New Dog.


Today is an exciting day, Richie went off to the local pound to meet our new dog, on Monday evening I spotted her on the website.

I sent an e-mail requesting that they reserve Tina for us, the next day someone from the pound rang and we chatted about Tina.

They said they couldn’t reserve her; however they suggested we visit with our dogs to see if the three dogs hit it off together, Richie was busy until Thursday.

I phoned yesterday t 15.3 to see if Tina was still there, luckily she was so I arranged that Richie would go there this morning with Marleen and Cyril  

It was difficult for me waiting to hear what happened, whether it went alright, did we have a new dog or not.

Richie left at 09.30 and returned at 13.00 with three dogs, so now we have three lovely dogs, Tina is a sweet playful dog, and the three of them are alright together.

Lovely to see them all together,working it out between them, for now it’s already good between them, so that means it can only get better.

Once they go to the park and start playing together they will have even more fun together, which will help them start to bond and become a pack.

I am very happy that we have finally have found our third dog, she seems to be a good addition to our lovely Marleen and Cyril, so now we have a trio of beautiful dogs.


Karen said...

Oh how sweet! Congratulations on your new family member!

kmilyun said...

Tina is a real cuttie! Your pack is five is it not? Three dogs and two humans that is.

JC said...

Congrats on your new dog. I hope she and you will be very happy !!!

gareth said...

O wow the trio is complete great news So glad a Doggi has found a wonderful new home. Amazing to read taht someone who deals with assessing people for equipment can have NO IDEA and even worse think that they know best. Thankfully you wont stand for that crap and good for you.

ps all good with us GX

Joyce said...

glad you rescued Tina and now she is part of your family......good news for all!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Congratulations! She looks sweet. Enjoy! Love, Mary

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Herrad,

Lovely Tina. Your selection is wonderful. I am surprised they are getting along well which means more happiness in the house. Now Richie will have a handful.

Have a good time with your new friend,

pb said...

Tina is at least part Jack Russell, like the Riverdog Ellie. I can promise you she will tire out your two other dogs.

She will just dote on you, I bet.

Congrats on the new family member!

Daniella said...

Hello Herrad!
My name is Daniella, and I found you from Lisa's "Bloggers of the online community'.
Congratulations on your new addition! Tina looks precious!!
Your views and info on the rest of your blog is awesome. I am your newest follower!!

mortonlake said...

lovely new glad for you both. WOOF,mort xx

Herrad said...

hi Karen,
she is a lovely dog we love her already.

hi Jan,
Tina is a darling.
i agree 5 is a good pack.

hi JC,
thanks we are all happy.

hi Gareth,
yes we have a trio of little beauties, we are very happily with them.

hi Joyce,
we are very happy with Tina, she is a nice dog.

hi marry,
she is very sweet, a little darling.

hi Joseph,
Tina is a nice dog, very friendly as are Marleen and Cyril.

hi PB,
i must call by to see a pic of your Riverdog Ellie.
she seems to love us already.

hi Daniela,
lovely to meet you, thanks for becoming a follower.
i will visit your blog tomorrow as its too late her now.

hi Mort,
Tina is a sweet puppy,we are very happy and so are the dogs.

thanks to all you dear friends for coming by and sharing our happy news.
Tina is settling in nicely, Marleen an Cyril have accepted her so we are all happy.

janis said...

I have been so behind & havent been blogging or reading lately.
So glad you sent me the email!
Tina is just lovely! I am sure Marleen & Cyril are just tickled to have this sweet sister dog♥
I promise to stay better in touch. things have been hectic & I didnt want to write while being down.
love to you Herrad

Have Myelin? said...

What a cutie! =)

Webster said...

See what happens when I miss a couple of days? You get your forever dog. Tina looks like another cutie pie, and the three of them together will make the daily outings a challenge for Richie!

Herrad said...

hi janis,
i hope you are feeling better, please always feel free to contact me.
tina is a sweet puppy.

hi sherry,
she is gorgeous.

hi webster,
tina is sweet, she is very good, walks good already, the are lovely together.p

thanks you lovely friends for coming by.