Thursday, November 24, 2011

An Embarrassing Subject,

Laurie Lipton.

Bowel movement problems are not easy to talk about, but I think, seeing as I find it such embarrassing subject, that it is good for me to do so.

Yesterday morning Richie got me out of bed so I could go to the toilet, this was successful, and so Richie put me back into bed.

We both thought that the job had now been done; I was back in bed, enjoying thinking about writing my post, while answering my e-mails.

When after just one brief hour, out of nowhere, like a bolt of lightening, without warning, I started having horrible cramps in my guts.

Immediately called Richie, who got the hoist and the shower chair, I was hoisted out of bed, the action of sitting then being lain down, then sat up again facilitated the bowel movement.

By the time we had reached the bathroom I had crapped in my leggings, glad we went when we did, would not liked this to occur in my bed.

Luckily Richie got me over the toilet before the rest happened, which must have been the biggest bowel movement I have ever had.

What seems to happen is that i do have some bowel movements everyday, just not everything, there seems to be a backlog, which is ‘’saved up’’.

Then every three days, sometimes more, there is a huge bowel movement, what Richie charmingly calls ‘’ my python effect’’.


Have Myelin? said...

I am smiling. I too am going through "embarrassing moments" on my end (no pun intended, well... maybe a bit) because I was diagnosed with IBD and if there is anything I hate more than anything it is messy business with bladders and bowels.

My doctor knows it too lol. But what can you do except have a sense of humor?

Python effect. I love it. =)

Herrad said...

hi sherry,
i agree i hate it too, a sense of humour is vital.

Stephany said...

Oh Herrad, you did a good job writing the humorous side of this task!

Ana said...

I loved Python effect too.
Funny how important subjects are taboo cause... dunno, it became a tradition.
You are right that sense of humor is the best way to talk about them.
Constipation is a forbidden to be said and it causes a lot of discomfort.
Some people don't even talk to their doctors because of shame. I knew a woman who, she told me, didn't do it for one month and said nothing to the doctor.

Bekkie In Wonderland said...

I almost died in July 2010. It was a morning like any other and I was tired so I went back to bed. My room mate before leaving for work had to come in and get a pair of his shoes and thank god because he saved my life. I had puked on my back, my left lung was filled with it and I was already pale and hardly breathing. On the way to the hospital I had a siezure in the ambulance. They put me in a drug induced coma for two days and on the third I woke up. I couldn't remember a thing (still can't) but I stayed in the hospital for only 4 days altogether and the doctors couldn't find a thing! Very scary, but what was worse was what happened when I got home. I felt better than I had in years and looked great but would shit my pants at any time without even knowing it, well, until I felt it. Lmao! I had this problem for 2 months afterwards and the doctors couldn't find anything there either. (I have good insurance too.) Your story cracked me up as I'd be up at any time and have to check myself to make sure in case I didn't feel it. Needless to say I stayed home a lot then. Just as I was thinking I was going to have to wear adult diapers it finally stopped and now all is back to normal. Your blog was great and don't be embarrassed, even as I was going through pooping my PJ's every night (sometimes more than once) I had to laff. It looked like choclate pudding which was gross, but accurate and it stunk! Like nothing I have ever smelled sense! Tee hee! I spent every night sleeping on towels (in bed) scrubbing my underthings by hand and hosing myself off in the shower while laffing myself to tears. My room mate (we are very close friends) thought I was losing my mind! I'm sorry you are so miserable with your illness but humor is sometimes the best medicine when there are no others to be had. Big hug, not too tight! Lol! ♥

Herrad said...

hi stephany,
thanks, i had to write because it embarrassed me and made me ashamed.

hi ana,
thanks,taboos are often brainless, not my favourite.

hi bekkie,
agree better to laugh than cry.

thanks for your visits.