Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Empathy And Understanding For Disabled People.


Laurie Lipton.

Glad I managed to handle the appointment yesterday so well, it gave me a boost; I am pleased that Richie and I made it clear how we felt about never getting aids on time.

It was rather annoying to have that arrogant man, Frans, from RTD Het Dorp, telling me what I am experiencing, and what I should be able to do.

He told had me that I needed a smaller joystick, that would work well, and I should be able to steer my wheelchair without any problems, but he was not here to discuss my wheelchair.

I pointed out that my arm muscles are much shorter now so I can’t stretch my arms out to hold the joystick, so a smaller joystick wouldn’t be any use to me.

He had no idea, so was surprised when I mentioned how my arms get so tense, cramped sometimes they get forcibly folded across my chest, not good if trying to steer my wheelchair.

He was here to give his second opinion on why I needed the Seetech software, but being ignorant about MS, but also very opinionated he had to start telling me what I was experiencing.

I told him that he had no idea, that I know exactly what I am feeling and what I can do and what I can’t do, and I did not need him to tell me amazingly he listened and was gratifyingly quieter afterwards.

Astonishingly for someone who has been supplying software for the disabled for years, it was clear he had no idea; and not a shred of empathy or understanding of what it’s like to be handicapped.

I hate to think of what he must be like with other handicapped people who are not able to speak up nor have support from Richie like I have.


Miss Chris said...

So glad you spoke up! :) They should better educate these people so they can have a better understanding of what their clients are going through.

Herrad said...

hi miss chris,
lovely to see your comment,the majority of people seem to have no interest in their customeers, but there are some who are interesed and try to see what you really need. sadly they are in the minority.