Saturday, April 04, 2009

Blimey what a change in the weather, yesterday it was beautiful, blue skies very sunny and warm, in the afternoon it was suddenly 20 degrees.

Too sudden for me, felt quite unwell and my hands were swollen and painful. had real problems drinking the bubbly Cecile brought, could hardly hold the glass.

Anne surprised us by managing to make time to come round for the friday afternoon drink.

Regularly organised groups of colleagues and friends to have a friday evening drink and smoke, often sitting by a canal on a balmy evening.

Happy memories so yesterday was very good shame my bad hand function stopped me drinking too much more than a few sips.

Always happens when the temperature goes up, then the hands become even more tingly, really buzzing and they feel larger and more difficult to manage.

Today in contrast to yesterday the weather is grey and misty and cool, feel better but shame it is not such a pretty day.

Shame too as need to get used to it being warm, no one can cope with the temperature going up and down and MS just intensefies it all.

Used to love the heat and revelled in it when it happened here, since the diagnosis my temperture goes up and down at random.

Hate not having control anymore, its unbelieveable being here like this feel like the main character in the Samuel Becket play Happy Days who is buried up to her waist.

Like her I think it could be worse.

Happy Days!

Determined to enjoy it all.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I understand your feelings Herrad....I have problems with Weather changes, myself...for different reasons than you. Sometines I wish it would settle on something and stay that way for a few days, at least....Your Anaalogy of that Becket play says everything. I am so sorry you have to suffer like this....And I know the 'heat' of Spring and then Summer, will make things much harder.

You asked about the name of that Hawk in my post. Mostly we have Red Tailed Hawls here in Southern California, but I cannot swear that this particular one was a Red Tailed Hawk---I can only say that it is most likely. BEAUTIFUL Bird, isn't it?

Herrad said...

Hi Naomi,

Thanks for your mail.
Ho-pe you have a good weekend.

soulful sepulcher said...

After yesterday's snowy morning today it's opposite and sunny! i don't know how long it will last, the sun is sporatic around here.

have a good evening

azoyizes said...

Hi, I love the ending to your blog. "Determined to enjoy it all." Good for you! Maryann

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,


Hi Maryann,

Thanks for your message.


steve said...

Herrad -

BR and I really appreciate your support. We start experimenting with the stimulation controller today. I get to be all geeky and collect data in a spreadsheet. Stand back, everybody!

Libby said...

hi herrad! i hope the weather settles into one tolerable temperature for you soon!! here in ohio today it's sunny but only in the 40's (F), but i did get out on my scooter & get cigarettes & chocolate milk!! and i got some good pix, will post them soon! but now we're forecast 'snow showers' for the next 2 days!! ugh!!

Herrad said...

Hi Steve,

Really hoping that the stimulator works.

Hi Libby,

Hope the snow goes somewhere else and you have good weather.