Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Grey day up until now but could change it is after all April and anything can happen, mind you these days with global warming anything does happen.

Woke up after a good sleep immediately moaning with pain as I become conscious, Richie jumped into action with his express leg massage and thc and baclofen.

Once I had done my daily arm exercises the dogs came up onto the bed for their morning cuddle,if this doesn't happen they remind us right away which is funny.

Dogs like their routines, so do we people.

Listening to some upsetting news on Radio 4,about the man who was assaulted by the police at the G20 meeting last week in London and died of a heart attack.

All he was doing was try to get home after work, there is a video clip on the Guardian website showing the police attack.

Quite a few people have rung in to say the policeman should get tried for manslaughter but most agree that this will not happen.

That the cop in question will be protected and the whole incident will be whitewashed.

The message again seems to be that the police can get away with murder and they seem to know this too.

The other big news is about the two little boys of 10 and 11 who are going to be tried with attempted murder of two other small boys aged 9 and 11.

And just to give it all balance there is the Daily Mail with a 'moving' photo of Jade Goodey's mum at her grave all dressed in white clutching a bible.

Think I have had enough news for today instead of the papers I shall focus on something nice, Richie's birthday next week Tuesday.

We are exactly one month apart and 8 years between us, Richie is so says my auntie Sigrid my toyboy.

Here's to my toyboy he is the best and I love him very much.


Cranky said...

Herrad - Greetings! I've been enjoying reading your blog since I came upon it a few weeks back. I just wanted to say hello.

And, I definitely agree with you on dogs and habits. Our two are such creatures of habit and you can tell they feel comforted by having them. Sounds like yours love a visit in bed. I must confess ours sleep under the bedcovers at night!

Libby said...

herrad, good morning...well, it's noon now, so, good afternoon! i love the duck pictures! & the news, well, phttphth! i listen to it, but that's about it...i try never to let it affect my mood.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Nice to meet you thanks for coming by my blog.

I went over to your blog and saw you have dachshounds how lovely.

Bet they are lively fun doggies which is lovely.

Take good care of yourself.

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
Glad you like the duck photos.
Have a good day.

Unknown said...

Some days it is almost best to avoid the news, not that it changes anything. Though I do applaud your shift in focus to your "toyboy's" birthday. Now that's the spirit!

I am not sure about this global warming ... we had snow showers here yesterday!!!!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Herrad said...

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for coming by.

Hope yoU are well.

Charisa said...

I love your photos. I hope your day has been enjoyable!

Herrad said...

Hi Charisa,

Nice you came by, my day has been good hope yours has too.

Take care.

Webster said...

Herrad, I consider you my pace-car. You are leading the way, showing me how to live gracefully with progressing MS. You are right to get away from the bad news. It's not good for us. Period.

Have a wonderful day. Spring is taking its sweet time coming on here too. After two nice days, it's chilly again. Ahh, more sweaters.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,

Spring was here last friday it was warm and now its cold grey and rainy classic Easter weather.

Take care.