Sunday, April 26, 2009

Herrad's Awards

I Want My Mummie Award 2009

I would like to bestow the I want My Mummie Award 2009 to Stan of

This is as a small mark of my immense apprecation for Stan's brilliant wit and repartee.

Arise Sir Stan and receive The I Want My Mummie Award 2009.



Stan said...

Dearest Herrad:

I am so touched and honored, you have almost made me speechless {That will be the day, if that was true they would be bottling this award and mass marketing it LOL}.

I am so overrode with emotions and pride; I may just have to call my Mummy whimpering on the phone.

Thank You so much Harred, and all my adoring fans; that for all those years have been encouraging me to greater heights and speed by throwing spoiled fruits and vegetables my way; It truly has made all the difference and a road seldom taken. {Sniffle Sniffle}

I wish this to be a wonderful day for both Herrad and Richie. I can only hope that blessing of shining love sounds through louder than any thing else. May this warm beam of light race through each window of your abode, and also within the windows of your hearts.

Your Fan and Bloggery Pal,


Libby said...

that's funny!

Herrad said...

Dearest bestest Stan,

Thanks for your sweet words I am very moved by reading them.

You are however much too modest for a man of your talents which sparkle like jewels in the treasure chest that is Stan.

Please always stay as sweet as you are.



your blogging friend

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,

Thanks for your visit.


soulful sepulcher said...

Very fun stuff you guys!

Herrad, I have posted updated photos of the trillium flower on the walk that has now turned pink.

(Stan speechless? or wordless? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

Congrats Stan

~Erin~ said...

Herrad--Hi! I'm back among the living! I have to catch up on my reading here, so I'll be back. Meanwhile, you absolutely can use the lemonaid stand picture from my blog. No problem. It's actually one I found on the web.

Hope all is well with you and I will be back soon!

soulful sepulcher said...

Herrad i have to say that's the best description of stan i've read yet.

i've passed it on to mark krusen who will surely agree LOL

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

The flowers are beautiful seeing the update of them was great.

Glad you like my description of the lovely Stan.

Hi Erin,

Really good hearing from you again, glad you are doing well.
Thanks for letting me use your Lemonade Stall.