Sunday, April 12, 2009

We were both woken up this morning just before 8 am by the horrible noise of hundreds of bottles as the glass container was emptied.

A lorry comes along and lifts out the container then hangs it over the lorry and presses a button and all the bottles come out at once

It was a horrible shock being woken up like that especially as it is Easter Sunday; I was deeply asleep so deep it took quite awhile before all the ms pains to kick in.

Never fell asleep again but did manage to doze a wee bit after awhile my arms went rigid the trick is to gauge the right moment and tentatively try and stretch my arms out.

That really hurt like hell this morning, I tried and succeeded in not shouting out with the pain of it, somehow did manage today.

Richie did the leg exercises and supplied me with THC, baclofen and chocolate drink and I was ready for the day.

Not too long after I started to do the arm exercises which are vital for keeping my arms functioning as well and as long as possible.

Am so glad that I can use the hands held mouse, do have the head mouse which is a mouse you operate with head movements.

Not so easy to do in bed plus feel that as long as I can use my hands a little bit that’s what I will use.

As soon as I can not I shall use the head mouse and the dragon voice recognition software.

Must find out about possibilities for software that will read text to me, can see that will be very handy as I am noticing that my eyesight is deteriorating.

At the moment I am doing some extra back and torso exercises to try and build up my back muscles prior to sitting up in the wheelchair again in May.

When Ton, the nurse from the RCA says it is ok I will start to0 sit in the wheelchair. This will have to b e built up gradually.

In the first instance for half an hour than recline in the chair and maybe try another half an hour abit later on.

And build it up slowly bit by bit so that after a wee while I can sit for a few hours then I can start to plan trips out.

Kind of feel that in the first instance sitting on the balcony will be good enough but can imagine that it won't be long before I want to go to the park and the market and visit the Basjoe, our favourite coffee shop.

Plans enough but first I plan to eat some Green and Black's Easter egg, it is delicious chocolate.

Have a great Easter Sunday as we welcome the spring and the start of the new season of growth.



Richie said...

After reading your blog my eyesight deteriorates! This layout gives me lines in front of my eyes -as I write I am struggling to focus.
That was why I changed mine_ Morton thanked me immediately I changed it as he had problems after reading it, I bet he is just too much of gentleman to say that he has problems with yours... second thoughts he is from Norfolk: scrub the "gentleman" ... but as eye problems are symptoms of MS I do find your choice rather unfriendly to people with poor vision.

Herrad said...

Hi Richie,

Hope this easier on your eyes.



Richie said...

very nice!

Herrad said...

Hi Richie,

Glad you like it.


mortonlake said...

roflmao at richies comments on norfolk.ffs.we gave up eating visitors years ago. some of us anyway,lol.take care herrad,and yes the blog is easier to read,love mort xx

Herrad said...
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steve said...

Being a big fan of both form and function, I always recommend that people with vision issues take advantage of their browser's Text Size, or Zoom feature.

In Firefox, use <ctrl>+ to get a larger font, <ctrl>- to get a smaller font, and <ctrl>0 to reset to the original font size. For Mac users, replace <ctrl> with <command>.

Other browsers have similar shortcuts and menu items. I like the way Firefox does it, because it also scales the images on the page, instead of just changing the text.

I have to admit that I'm really impressed with the accessibility features of Mac OS. The speaking voice is so very natural -- raising tone for quoted material, and inhaling before a new paragraph. It does have some pronunciation issues, which never fail to make us laugh.

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,

Glad you like it.

Take it easy eating too many visitors between meals could ruin your appetite.

Have a pleasant evening dear friend.



ps and a big hello to your mum hope she is having a good Easter Sunday.

12:10 PM

Anonymous said...

Watcha H, well green seems to be the theme as we now have a Artichoke colour kitchen with satin jade woodwork lovley and fresh just like your blog. Yes I remember those bloody glass container things they are LOUD hope ya get a sleepin 2morrow
much lovley chocyness 2 ya GXXX

Taxingwoman said...

herrad Happy Easter
I don't like that organic chocolate.
Way too healthy for me Don't care much for whiskey either :) Love all your photos

soulful sepulcher said...

I love this color of your blog, and wow what a yummy looking chocolate filled with chocolates egg!

Have a good Monday :)

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,

Can't wait to see a photo of your newly painted kitchen.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the tips.

Hi Carole,

If you like chocolate then you will like Green and Black's their milk chocolate is fab.

Hi Stephany,

Glad you like how my blog looks now.