Saturday, April 25, 2009

Luckily went to sleep and did not wake until morning just before they came to empty the containers so that must have been before 8 am.

Yikes thats quite early horrible.

Had a brief moment with Spike this morning when Richie put him onto my bed, short but good and much appreciated by us both especially Spike.

After arm and leg exercises and massage Richie got me the usual suspects such as baclofen and more thc.

After a wee bit I managed to pick up Spike's toys and could give him the sort of game he likes.

Marleen of course started to muscle in which I approve of, think it is great that she is now so part of the scene here.

When she was here first she was very worried, had problems moving around and could not groom herself very well.

Nor could she play and certainly not with someone else, she did not understand that, so when I would try to0 get her playing she would stand ju8st out o0f arm's reach barking.

Now all that has gone and Marleen is very sweet and extremely playful not the fat depressed dog she was when she first came to live with us.

Now she is our dynamic Marleen who loves playing and will get her toys and get you to play whether you want to or not.

Such optimism is infectious and it spreads from her via Spike to us which is extremely amusing.

I must tell you all about the unexpected thrill of being given a blogging award yesterday.

I am truly speechless, choked up at the thought of getting this award which is held in such great esteem.

Thanks to Stan and Stephany I have a wonderful trophy the Outstanding Bloggery Award which I have to hand on to another blogger.

After thinking about it for a wee while I have decided to give this award to Ana


Congatulations Ana.

Have a good day everyone.


soulful sepulcher said...

I saw the photos and thought oooooo!!! wisteria vines!!i love those, and always wanted to have an arbor with them hanging down like that. thanks for the photos!

I think it's an amazing tribute to spirit of living things (people and dogs, animals)to read about Marleen, and how she came there "fat and depressed" and is shining now and happy to mingle and have fun. That says so much about what people need to, and it's a healing Plain and simple.

I hope the day was a good one, I still laugh when I see stan's award he made. haha too funny, esp with Koda's face there!

congrats to Ana!


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

Wisteria is gorgeous love seeing it round the neighbourhood.

Love is what we all need.

Stan's award is wonderful a great laugh.

Look forward to seeing it on Ana's blog.

Thanks for sharing the enjoyment by bestowing Stan's creation on me.



Libby said...

herrad, you are my inspiration! you're never bitching all the time, as i would be in your position...but then, you do have richie, & spike, & marleen, who keep a good attitude, which IS really contagious, isn't it??

Ana said...

I'm happy about Marleen recovery.
Thank you very much for the award.
It's very special coming from you.

Stan said...

Dearest Herrad:

Drum Roll Please!!!!: and just when I thought Richie was going to get the honor. Someone stuffed the ballet box, and Ana received this prestige of unsurpassed grandeur.{laughing}

Life I gather is always full of surprises and the unexpected.

I truly hope you are having a great day without to many of those constant pesky trials getting in the way.

With prayers, hope, and friendship,


mortonlake said...

well derved award herrad love mort,n thanks for kind comments.tell richie same.ermmmm wivout the kisses

Bluebirdy said...

Hi again Herrad;
I'm in Canada, so you have a blogging friend there, and I saw one commenter from India. I like seeing your world. I have never seeen Wisteria. The houses there are tall and thin like my dutch grandma told me about, and she had an old bed that they would sit up in back in the old days, for lack of space, and because the old strict dutch reformed church considered it laziness to ever be fully laying down unless you were ill. lol. I like reading your blog because you explain how we really live. We can't get up until we have our meds, but can't get our meds without help, end up unable to roll over, moaning in pain. I am so glad you have a helpful, caring husband. My new (second) husband is coming home from the war zone in a couple of months and I am so very anxious about how we will both adjust with me having this pain and these limitations. I love your pictures. I see the thin tall homes, and I wonder if you have a lift in your house or how you live, and how you get other business done such as going to doctors, clinics, groceries, paying bills or needing to go to other offices for other business. Is there NO accessibility there at all? How do you get around? I think I will be learning a lot from you and your blog . Thank you for being so open and honest with us. There is a new pain drug for M.S. patients that is a lollipop with THC in it. It's called Sativex. I wonder if its available there. You just let it sit inside your cheek and it soaks into the blood vessels inside your mouth. Here its approved ONLY for M.S. patients. It helps with nausea and restlessness and other problems that your THC vapour helps with. Do you have to make your own there, or is it easily available?
Bless you!

Bluebirdy said...

Ohhhh that's Wisteria! I have never seen it before! Thank you for sharing!

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,

Thanks for your comment, I do my share of moaning on occasion.

When I am writing a post I reaffirm my determination to be positive.

Hi Ana,

Really happy you like the award thouht of you right away.

Hi Stan,

And a drun roll for you too our shining star.

Thanks for your wonderful comments they are exquisite.

I love them they make my day.

Hi Mort,

Thanks for coming by much appreciated.

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for coming by hope life improves when your partner gets back.

Weed is freely available here, I use a Volcanao vaporizer which heats up the weed and releaes the thc which I inhale.
It is safer than smoking and helps me with the pain, appitite etc.