Friday, April 10, 2009

Very painful waking up today, felt bad asking Richie for a bag of THC so early but I was moaning in pain.

When I apologized for asking him so early he said, ' you can't get it yourself so I have to get it for you after all you didn't chose this’

Hearing him say you didn't chose this got me crying and I was sobbing' no I didn't chose this I hate this'

Quite an outburst of emotion, as soon as I started to cry then Spike was desperate to get up on the bed next to me so there was a love session with both dogs in turn.

Followed by an excellent leg massage session and arm exercises and plenty of bags of THC.

And now there is still discomfort but not the cutting pain from first thing this morning.

The dogs have gone off duty now that I am more relaxed, funny how we all trigger each other off and equally funny how once I am ok the dogs relax and concentrate on dog things.

It is a lovely day today quite warm already so could become quite a warm day which is lovely.

Real nice for the weekend for everyone, even nicer for the working people if the whole weekend were like this.

Used to dream about weather like this at the weekend after a long week at work.

Recall too many weeks at work where the weather was progressively better through the week only to be woken on a Saturday morning to the sound of dismal drizzle which could last all weekend.

Think this Easter weekend looks like it will be good.

Hope you all have a good day today.


Anonymous said...

Alas, we have the rain here in Pennsylvania until Sunday night. UGH

But I am working tonight 11PM-7AM. Hate getting out of work when it is raining and then driving home in it.

We are going out for breakfast Saturday morning so that is something to look forward to because the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday, I will be out cold from working one 8 hour shift! How lame is that!

So I won't be online until Monday. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the wonderful weather.


Herrad said...

Hi Anne,

Sorry to hear about the rain hope you enjoy breakfast out tomorrow.

I wonder what you will have, I am torn betwen bacon and eggs and a stack of pancakes.


Take care.



Richie said...

I just fancy hanging round the house with you this weekend- fancy that yourself?
We did not choose ms but we did choose to be together and I reckon we chose very well. XXX

awb said...

It has been beautiful here in Maryland, hope it lasts another day.

What a horrible way to wake from a sound sleep, wish it wasn't the case for you.

Animals are incredible! My aunt had a dog, Ralph, a great dog. He slept out by the pool. If an adult would walk by, Ralph would lift his head, give them a look, then go back to sleep. If a child walked past, Ralph would position himself between the child and the pool. Fascinating to watch.

I hope you have a happy Easter,

Herrad said...

Hi Andy,

Ralph sounds a great dog.
Enjoy the gfood weather.

Hi Richie,

Hanging out at home sounds like good fun so let's do that.



soulful sepulcher said...

I hope you are having a good day when you read this.

The light rain moved in here, but the air smells good after a rain.

Have a very nice warm and sunny weekend will be my wish for you!

Hugs, and some hugs for the dogs too

mortonlake said...

i wish you and richie a peaceful loving easter herrad.pain free is goin over the top,but pain easing?we settle for that?take care,love mort xx

Richie said...

To add to Andy's dog story my friends old Labrador was very lazy and easy going to the extent that she had to be walked against her will to keep her fit. My friends 15 year old daughter was trying to persuade the dog to hurry along a bit when a man approached her. Bess sprinted up barking and showing her teeth. When the man persisted she snapped at him viscously. The dog had not been known to run since puppy hood and had never bitten anyone.
Later that day a young woman was raped by the same man and it was the daughters description that helped capture him.
The old dog was massively spoilt by the whole family after that.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

Hope you have a good weekend too.
Big hugs to you and Koda.

Hi Mort,

Hope you too have a good Easter too.

Hi Richie,

Great story about Bess.



Libby said...

hi herrad-
i hope your weather stays good & bright there all weekend, it's so much easier (for me, anyway) to smile & be happy when it's nice out! i'm making easter baskets for my 25 yr old daughter & her husband today...oh, & for their 2 dogs too!!

Unknown said...

That word choice can get emotional with MS. Look at the good side, Richie "chooses" to share.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,

The weather was great yesterday, it got quite ghot for here amd in the evening there was a huge and fierce thunder storm and today is as nice as yesterday just not so sticky.

Hope ou had fun doi0ng the Easter baskets.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your comment it reminds me about the important things in my life

And that is Richie.

Have a good day.