Friday, April 24, 2009


Synchronicity said...

I like this film very much...very relaxing and soothing. Sorry to have been so neglectful these past months. I am just trying to catch up now. I do hope you are doing okay.

Herrad said...

Hi Merelyme,

How lovely to hear from you
Thanks for coming by.


soulful sepulcher said...

love the new award :)

Bluebirdy said...

Hello Herrad;
I have just been told that I have M.S. on top of lupus, another auto-immune disease. I wanted to move to the Netherlands when I was just moving out on my own as a teenager because they had the #1 lupus research in the world. My ancestors are from there. Now that I must use a walker or scooter, I am glad I stayed in Canada where everything is accessible. I guess once the immune system starts harming your body, it causes other diseases. So how did you feel when you were first diagnosed? How did you deal with it? How long did it take until you needed to use something to help you be mobile? (Cane, wheelchair, scooter, walker, etc.) Hoping to get to know you better! I am enjoying your MS and diet blog and "living with MS blog.
Sheila Wahab

Webster said...

What a nice place to sit and listen - it's very restful. Is this right outside your apartment? Do you hear the water with your windows open? Just lovely.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

Great award thank you for honouring me in this way.

Screech of wild laughter.

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for coming by, I was shocked when I was told I had MS.
In wheelchair 4 months later.

Hi Webster,

The water is lovely sadly it is not right outside but down the road about 2 mins.

Have a good day.



Amrita said...

Nice view in that video