Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not bad slept until 9 are and then it was over in a veritable salvo of moans which had Richie getting me pain relief in the form of THC vapour real quick.

Took three bags today to stop the moaning and then the leg massage and baclofen and more bags and some tlc did the trick and I felt ready to throw myself into the delights of the day.

Not sunny yet but it is getting there, the cloud is thinner now then when Richie first opened the curtains.

Whatever it is like outside in here the sun is shining very brightly, heard brilliant news last night that our neighbour Willes does not have to move far.

She is going to move from the 4 floor to the ground floor, great hearing this as we have been living with the thought that she had to move out.

That is because the corner flats are for people in wheelchairs, which her husband was but sadly he died in November 2007 and she has to leave as she is not in a wheelchair.

Hope she stays out of a wheelchair for years but it could happen as she also has MS and needs walking aids to get around.

The solution is the empty ground floor flat so we won't have to miss her as she will be right here.

What a relief to know she won't be out of the neighbourhood which we have been worried about since January.

She is an excellent neighbour real good fun plus supportive and helpful despite her own ill health.

The idea that she would not be around was really awful especially as both Richie and I love having such a dynamic friend and neighbour.

Forgot to mention yesterday that on Tuesday Marianne and Cecile wee here to drink some sparkling prosecco.

It was good fun I drank perhaps 4 swallows and really felt the alcohol which was great fun, the sun was shining and it was very warm.

Have to get the ‘ladies’ organised and get another bottle here quickly to celebrate the good news about Willes staying.

Three cheers!!!


Cranky said...

Herrad - glad your friend Willies can stay in your building. I find that the effects of MS can be very isolating, so hard to deal with the potential loss of a friend (at least loss of close proximity).

Glad your morning routine pushed the pain and discomfort back.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Ok... I have a question.. What is "THC vapour" I have seen you write about this a few times. I have never heard of it. What does it help with?

soulful sepulcher said...

Cheers, Herrad! This is great news about your friend and neighbor! Have a good day today, I'm awake early and now am off back to sleep after letting Koda out.


Herrad said...
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Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Its great Willes can stay in the building.

The thought of her leaving was horrible.

Hi Tara,

Thc vapour from cannabis using a Volcano vaporizer.

That way you do not have to inhale tar etc from burning as you do when you smoke.

It helps me with the pain, gives me an appitite and helps me sleep plus keeps me regular.

Hi Stephany,

Yes its brilliant news about Willes staying.

We are going to celebrate this.



Ana said...

It's hard to have good neighbors.
It's even hard to really know the neighbor! Strange world where you have to pretend not to see others.
I hope it is not the same in Amsterdam.
I have a problem visiting your blog. These photos remind me clearly of the two days I spent at your city.
It's amazing that in only two days, I have visited th Van Gogh Museum and the Rijkmuseum (sorry the wrong spelling)running.
Yes! We had not too much time left and I sttod for a while in front of some Rembrandts and I don't remember the others, not a clue... lol
But it I felt great in the city.
Hope you get better and the pain goes away.

Richie said...

Willes is a darling. I never thought I would be so fond of a copper!
She is an absolute asset for the neighbourhood and has been so kind to us. She is the first person anyone calls on in a crisis and Ina may well have died without Willes coming to her rescue. She should be on a retainer to keep her here. Willes's ample bosom and her booming Amsterdam voice are are the wonders of the Borgerbuurt.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

The photos are posted with you in mind ever since you mentioned you had been here and liked seeing pictures of Amterdam.

Hi Richie,

You are right Willes is our neighbourhood asset, she is a gem.

She is an Amsterdam darling.



Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Herrad :)


I read with great interest your narration about a slice of your life and the way you cope with pain and your daily interaction with your close friends. Your zest for life and living is a great lesson for us and it surely opens my eyes to the possibilities of enjoyment even in great pain and suffering. I admire your spirit of adventure and enthusiasm against great odds.

Your friend and neighbor Willes moving close to you is a welcome news and I am sure you will have good times together.

I took a close look at your photos and it was enjoyable to see the canal, the boats, the way cycles are parked, the street scenes etc.

I hope and pray you will get well soon.

Have a nice day Herrod :)

Libby said...

herrad, is there any possible way you could clone willes and send her over to the us for me? she sounds amazing! and since i don't want to take her from you... ;-D
btw, i LOVE these pix! so different from life here!!

Herrad said...

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for coming by my blog.
My plan is to visit yours regularly.

Hi Libby,

What an excellent idea to export Willess's round the world.

Take care.



Anonymous said...

So glad your friend will be staying.

On the rest of the post: I think you rebel & excel better than most.

Amrita said...

Dear Herrad. I will bookmark your blog.

I am also a disabled woman, visual and hearing impaired. In India we don 't have the facilities which people have in the West but we live on the grace of God.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for leaving this comment.

Still difficult to acknowledge the good things about me.


Hi Amrita,

Thanks for coming by it is good to talk too many people.

Have a good day.