Friday, April 17, 2009

All night long in dreams various things came into and out of my mind, was glad the thoughts departed quickly as did not want to get distracted from the task in hand which was to sleep.

Never seem to recall any dreams apart from an odd word or tiny fragment of a dream,had the impression that I was having a struggle in my dreams last night.

Probably nothing more than trying to stay asleep and not start thinking which always has me totally awake.

Today is Friday again amazingly they come round quicker than would have thought possible.

But then again not so surprising as I have the laptop as soon as the exercise routines are completed and I have had the first pills and some THC and my chocolate food supplement.

Then Richie puts the bed table over the bed and puts the laptop on it and away I go and must say that I am always surprised at how quickly the day goes.

Everyone that comes here asks me very surprised how I cope with being stuck in bed and I just point to the laptop and say his helps me.

Usually start by reading my mail then a quick glance at the papers and open blogger and have a look at other people's recent posts.

And then start my own, once I have done that I read the blogs I follow and others I don’t follow but have saved the links.

It is an amazing experience and one I enjoy tremendously, it is what keeps me going, is the communication with other people and other experiences and other parts of the world.

Recently been looking at a variety of blogs and do also enjoy communicating with people who blog purely for fun or about their passion for sport or gardening etc.

Love the triathlon blogs, love reading about the races they run and am there with them its great stuff.

Have also read a few blogs of note and even been on a couple of gorgeous fashion and glamour and glitz blogs which are great fun as well as very well written and entertaining.

So plenty for me to do which keeps me informed, in touch and engaged with the world plus I have made some new friends of whom I have become extremely fond.

Mind you it’s a hell of a struggle to type a clean bit of text as my fingers catch other keys so end up with text that looks as if it is several languages all not created yet!

It's frustrating but nothing more than that and often it just makes me laugh like now I have tears streaming down my face at the strange words I have created.

Well who cares as long as it makes me laugh.

So all in all given my situation life is good


Anonymous said...

Good morning Herrad!

Friday is surely here again and I have to work tomorrow night. Then Wednesday the 22nd and on the 27th off on my cruise.

Time is going so fast!

Love the artwork.

Jen said...

Some of that grafitti you're posting is pretty darn pretty, Herrad.

I'm working on a paper for my abnormal psychology class and then I actually have to read the textbook for an upcoming test. It's sunny here but still a bit chilly.

Talk to you again soon...

Jen (a smile)

soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

I woke up and found it raining after the last 2 days of sunny weather! darn it!

Do you and Richie read together? I was thinking if I was in bed for a long time sometimes it might be nice to close my eyes and have someone read out loud to me. (actually I like that anyway!)

Hope the evening is a nice one, have a nice weekend too.

Herrad said...

Hi Anne,

Good to hear from you where are you cruising to?

Hi Jen,

The grafitti is good isn't.
Hope your class goes well.

It sunny but chilly here too.

Hi Stephany,

Hope the rain stops soon by you.
Here it looked dreadful this morning very grey and nasty.

Then the sun came out and the cloud went away and its lovely.
But abit of a chill in the air.

Hope its a good afternoon evening for you all.


soulful sepulcher said...

I have read this blog

for a while now, and the author often shows graffiti similar.

Cranky said...

Herrad - I couldn't agree with you more how a laptop and internet access add much to the life of those who are homebound. It's funny to think how I had to work 8 years ago to get Skip to try the internet. Now she's on it for hours every day. She's mostly into eBay and other shopping-related stuff, but I mentioned to her this morning how you have a whole blog roll that's not just MS-related (she wouldn't want to read MS blogs). Thought she might be interested in finding blogs that cover her interests. She also plays games on her laptop. I shudder to think what her life would be like without laptop, internet, cable tv and DVD player.

I am continuously impressed by your life perspective.

Be well!

Jen said...

Goodnight, Herrad. It's time for bed here. I wish I could spell "graffiti" correctly every time, but I'm hung up on good spelling (from the MS I think...)

Supposed to be warmer here tomorrow. Bill and I are volunteering on Sun at our MS Society's annual walk (registration stuff.) It's usually a crazy day.

Wishing you warmer weather as well...

Unknown said...

Herrad, Living alone, I have become so dependent on the computer to connect me to community, which is a basic need we all have. In a world of technology, people make a difference so it warms my heart to know that you have that connection. This is your inner strength and resolve to choose life and to continue to inspire others like myself.. Remember that saying - she was a big strong woman, who taught me that being feminist meant you could be strong too... Lots of love and hugs - Jaya xxx

Libby said...

our computers & the internet have just opened us up to a whole world of new & different people, haven't they? i honestly can't imagine life without it!

Unknown said...

Moreover, in the days without access to friends across cyberspace, during my manic phases I often felt very isolated due to lack of support which only exacerbated my situation of not being able to recognize the disconnect and the pain intertwined in that for I find myslef happily spending any amount of time I like surfing the is a small world and we are all ONE...Om Shanti..may ur heart glow with the warmth you embody, you..miss u heaps and heaps...
P.S. our connection came thru a third party and it is no coincidence how it has turned out..any other way and we would have missed the learning, the experience - that is what life is what it is and acceptance of that with critique is our slavation, in my humble care...

Herrad said...

Hi Stepany,
Thanks for the link.

Hi Cranky,
Thanks for coming by.

Yesterday I was trying to imagine what it would be like if I did not have the laptop!!!

Hi Jen,

The weather is good here hope it is for you too.

Have a good time Sunday.

Hi Jaya,

Thanks for coming by.
You are right people make the diffence.
I am glad to be able to communicate with so many lovely people around the world.

Hi Libby,

I could not imagine life without contact with you and the other people I have the pleasure o0f being in touch with.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.