Monday, April 13, 2009

Its Easter Monday nice weather the sun is shining and the clouds are thinning and blue sky is visible.

There was no rude awakening from an outside source today no this time it was Spike, the black and white Jack Russell.

He started scratching at the door like crazy and would not stop when Richie called out stop to him.

Turned out he was absolutely desperate to go outside and have a pee, Richie threw on his clothes as soon as he realised what it was all about.

While they went round the block I did my arm exercises and was almost done when they returned.

Always leave the ones where I pull my torso up until last, just before those I do three lots of shoulder rolls and stretches as well as hand exercises.

After abit of THC and some fun and games with the dogs Richie massaged my legs then baclofen tablets more THC and my chocolate drink and it is time for the laptop.

Enjoy reading the papers after I have checked my mail and had a quick look at my blogs.

It really is so good to be able to communicate so freely with others in places I will never go to and people I will never physically meet.

There is camaraderie about the blog sphere that is lovely, it reminds me of going to watch football.

I started to watch Arsenal when I lived close to their ground Highbury when we lived in Hackney, North London 13 years ago.

I went to Highbury with another Gooner (an Arsenal supporter) and an old colleague from the Head Post Office in Reading.

Met a big mixed group of people who he went to games with and found to my surprise that I was accepted into this group without any hesitation whatsoever

The group was full of people who in the rest of their lives had no common link apart from their love of one football club, in this case Arsenal.

It is wonderful this instant acceptance really good and very inspiring,

I was quite amazed when I went to my first game with Dave how quickly and warmly I was accepted into the group.

By my second game it was our Herrad when they spoke of me.

The group was made up out of a variety of people with most having one thing in common and that was Arsenal Football club.

Loved the easy group acceptance and how quickly one was accepted into the group, by my second game I felt I had been attending the games for years.

This is the same feeling that I get from the blog world.

Have become fond of so many of the people I have met, really am enjoying the contact tremendously.

It feels good and the support and encouragement is great.

Hope all you lovely bloggers are having a good weekend and enjoying the Easter weekend sunshine.


Richie said...

I never understood Arsenal- boring big club (when you were going their football was dreadful too- Gus Ceaser and Jon Jensen remember).
Why you could not have come down the Orient with me is beyond understanding- Orient's football was as bad as the Gunners and what's more still is bad- they are the kings of consistency .
I miss the terrace mates too. For me it was probably closer to a survivors forum than a festival of sport but we were all friends on match day.
love R

Unknown said...

The analogy of the blogsphere to the football world is an interesting one... very true too, except that I think that the blogsphere is much calmer and more relaxing. I support Charlton Athletic who are continuing their slide from Premiership glory days rapidly towards Division 1!

Herrad said...

Hi Nat,

What about getting 'The Curb' back to the valley.

Be a real shame for them to go down.

Liked watching them when they were in the Premiership.

Have a good afternoon and evening.



soulful sepulcher said...

With stories, photos and all, it's like we all really have met in person and I enjoy the friendship!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

I am enjoying it too.

Think it is great.



steve said...

She's pretty in pink. Isn't she?

* <===== sports

steve ======> *

I did enjoy the LSU tailgating, and I really love a live sporting event. But most of my life now requires sports on TV, and it just bores me to death. No continuity among players. No continuity as players. I think I'll just go cheer on the local high school team. Or am I just building a monster?

Herrad said...

Hi Steve,

She is indeed pretty in pink.

Hope you are enjoying good weather too.