Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lights out and going to sleep has never been a favourite with me and since being so crippled notice it has become even less popular.

Lying flat on my back unable to shift to a different position is not nice, the only way I can change position is by operating the hand control on the bed and raising or lowering the top of the bed or the foot end or raise or lower the whole bed.

Apart from that I can not alter my position, mind you I constantly tilt and slip over usually to the right, so Richie has to adjust me at regular intervals.

It’s real difficult trying to sit up to eat or drink and at the same time have to fight against gravity as I am being dragged down to the right.

Several times a day I the bed and Richie will pull the covers away to see how I am lying and then he will correct how I am lying by pulling me up in the bed as I often also slip down in the bed.

As well as pulling me over to the left, each time any adjustments are made my top has to be examined as every movement causes little pleats and folds which will irritate me and can cause red marks on my skin.

Richie has to pull the collar up sometimes the top will get pulled taut and slightly choke me, then he has to pull it under both armpits to check there are no folds/pleats by my shoulderblades.

Finally he will check in the small of my back, he always puts his hand between me and the bed checking for folds, pleats and creases.

Once this is done I can lie comfortably otherwise a tiny fold could have the potential to cause alot of distress.

There is something that has to be constantly adjusted and corrected so that I do not have additional aches and pains.

These are things that we never even considered before but since I am so crippled these are now important issues.

Since our move here our GP does house calls as does my physio who comes by twice a week and the chemist delivers all prescriptions to the flat.

Shopping is not something I that can do anymore although I did bring shopping back once a week when a friend Marianne and I used to go to the market every Tuesday.

Am hoping that once the sore has totally healed and I can sit in the wheelchair I will be able to go to my favourite market, the Ten Cate Markt which is just down the road.

I am looking so forward to getting in the lift and going downstairs and rolling up the road, that will be a glorious day when I go and visit the market and see the market stall holders again.

The sounds and smells will be overwhelming and I will get euphoric and everything, every person every shop every item on sale will be the best and the most beautiful ever.

I used to have this on my twice weekly jaunts to the market so think that after 9 months in bed I will be head over heels in love with everyone and everything I see and encounter.

It has been a long 8 months in some ways but in others it has flown by think this has something to do with my mindset and also the fact that blogging has given me another dimension and a lot of new friends and contacts and communication.

This has kept me interested and connected to the world and has helped me to stay optimistic and keen to seize the moment this moment and enjoy it to the full.



Anonymous said...

My Father had all of those bed issues for many months before he died, and I got pretty good with "adjusting" for him, but he had caregivers at the facility to do that as well. I preferred to do it though. It does seem Richie really WANTS to do all these things for you, love, not just your need.

I'm glad blogging has helped you maintain your optimism, but I think you help your readers heighten their optimism more than we help you at times. You have an unsparing but unsentimental way of stating many things that awes me.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your visit and comment.

I enjoy your blog and other peoples blogs as they keep me thinking and feeling about things outside my immediate concerns.

Very taken with the fact you say I have an unsentimental way of stating things.

Thanks again.



Amrita said...

Richie is taking good care of you Herrad.

I like your plants

Cranky said...

Herrad - this is the second time I've your post today. I often re-read yours as they say so much.

I agree completely with what Mary said in her comment. It states quite eloquently how I feel about your posts.

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Richie looks after me wonderfully.

Hi Cranky,

Thanks for your visit and comment.
I often read your post several times and have been back heaps for dog therapy looking at your pretty dogs.


soulful sepulcher said...

I hope the market day comes sooner than expected! you're a brave woman, Herrad.

Love the flowers growing.

Herrad said...

Hi Stepany,

Lovely to see your comment, almost feel comfortable receiving a compliment like brave woman.

Funny but how typical really.

The flowers are very pretty Richie got them yesterday.

Have a good evening.


ps what did you think of the award I gave Stan?

Webster said...

Oh, I just LOVE your plants. Are they a mix of veggies and flowers? the hydrangea is especially pretty.

Your positive attitude is inspiring, Herrad. Don't underestimate how much it helps you, Richie, and all of your readers - I speak for myself; Thank you.