Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Difficult Night Last Night.

Ferdinand Desnos.

It was a difficult night last night somehow I managed to sleep, did keep waking up but luckily also fell asleep again each time.

Maybe not the most restful night ever especially as it took me hours to get to sleep was very happy Richie got up to go to the toilet and I requested some THC which did the trick and let me sleep finally.

Pity that one lovely dream which took me to a gorgeous garden with a pool full of lovely blog friends who I really wanted to see and speak with, the first person that I saw as soon as I walked in was Stephany.

As soon as I spoke to her my dream ended and I found myself awake with extremely painful cramps in my arms unable to move

I was so disappointed wanted so to talk to everyone, even though I knew it was a dream, just wanted it to go on longer than it did.

Shame as it looked like a very pleasant dream, typical happens to me every time really hate it but nothing I can do to change it.

Guess like other things I must just enjoy everything for what it is and while me can, funny how despite wanting to seize the moment and enjoy it I still often forget to do just that.

Hate that every morning when I wake my arms are relaxed but they get instantly stiff as soon as I am conscious both arms get folded tightly over my chest.

Extremely painful and very difficult to prise apart, it was my great good luck I could fall asleep every time that it happened.

Sent a mail out to people we know here and elsewhere telling them what Richie had discovered.

I asked for support and visits from people who live locally, had lots of emails and got a much unexpected phone call from a friend I have not seen in years.

She is due here anytime now will be brilliant to see her again, think that I last saw her in 2005, amazingly that is already five years ago.

Used to see her very often sometimes daily as she has a delightful clothes shop on THC Haarlemmerdijk called Shuga’s.

Only saw her infrequently from 2000 when we moved to our last apartment I am delighted that Ionie will be here soon.

I am very happy at the prospect of seeing her again, time going by really does not matter with some people.

Hearing her voice on the phone took me right back to the days on the Haarlemmerdijk and cups of coffee in Ionie’s shop and long interesting conversations that could go over many visits.

Can’t wait to see her again, sadly it is now 19.00 and no sign yet hope she is ok not like her to not turn up.

She is at the front door waiting for Richie to get back with the dogs Yippee here she is.


Gareth said...

Watcha Lovley People wanted to send BIG HEALING LOVE and HUGS to you BOTH
would love to just pop round and have a cuppa. With you in Spirit

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

It would be a lovely time meeting in a garden wouldn't it? Though minus the MS, and the struggles and pain for sure!

I hope you have a nice rest tonight and a pleasant Sunday.


Rei said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sleep troubles, Herrad... Please do take care and I hope tonight is a more restful one for you... *Hugs* <3


Webster said...

I'm so happy you got to reconnect with an old friend. What fun! Though I'm sure it was hard for her to see you in your current condition, she probably got past that in no time.
Have a good day!

Joan said...

Hope you have a lovely evening withe your old friene yesterday it is great to catch up. Love Joan

Have Myelin? said...

I would love to slip in for a vape, (i'd bring a bag) a cuppa joe and sit in the garden with you...and admire your lovely red hair. =)

Amrita said...

Coming over to give you a hug Herrad

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
It would be great to meet, a nice dream which I will keep dreaming.

Hi Rei,
Thanks for your kind words, Saturday night I took a sleeping pill and slept until 11.00 which was great.

Hi Webster,
It was good seeing Ionie again, she looked brilliant, of course she could see that my body had changed but think she saw quickly that I was still me, we had a good laugh together.

Hi Joan,
We had a very pleasant time, we laughed and talked alot.
Yu are right it was good to catch up.

Hi Sherry,
Be great if you could slip by and spend some time that would be good.

Hi Amrita,
Thanks dear friend big hug back to you.

Thanks you lovely friends for coming by and being so supportive, need lots of support right now.
Really appreciate all your visits and comments and your support.

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Wish you could pop around for a cup of tea too.
Lovely to see your comment.
Big hugs.