Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunshine On A Grey Day.

Gareth's Photos From Wales.

Brilliant sitting in my wheelchair, it was so good being in the front room with Richie and the dogs that we totally forgot to go outside.

Really funny, we do plan to get out to the market tomorrow afternoon; will have to wrap up as the very hot weather we had at the beginning of July for two and a half weeks has gone.

It is 24 degrees today but feels cooler to me, probably because of the wind and lack of sunshine as there is thick cloud cover.

A typical Amsterdajavascript:void(0)m summer, last summer was an unusually hot summer and what was really different was the fact that it lasted for the entire summer with no interludes of torrential rain.

Tuesday was great fun, ordered some gifts to be sent to three friends, two delicious bottles of organic for Gareth and Paul and a pink orchid for James at the Basjoe Coffee Shop.

Gareth called to say he had been surprised by someone coming to his door with a big box for him.

He was delighted to find two bottles of organic wine and our card inside and called right away to say it had made his day.

Think that I will give James a call see if he received the orchid and likes it, hope he does, it certainly was great fun ordering and paying for both.

Like the idea of the orchid sitting in my favourite coffee shop, wish I could but even if I could get there I can not get in as there are two steps up into the shop.

Hope that we get some more balmy days then we can go down and sit on the terrace and enjoy James’s delicious fruit shake and cake.

Will for sure to my best to get there really want to see James and hug him, he is such a lovely man and such a good friend.

Still can not believe that Leo, the other darling is not there at the Basjoe anymore, strange idea.

Just phoned James, it was good to hear how upbeat he was, he had just opened the shop when a man appeared in the coffee shop with a big box for him.

James said he was mystified and then delighted when he opened the box and saw the orchid with our card.

It made his day; he would have called us if he had our telephone number, made our day too knowing that it had cheered James up and given him such a boost.

Glad we could do that for him, but that is what friends are for, glad we made a grey day sunny for our friends.


soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

I'm glad you were able to sit out with Richie and the dogs! you are both generous and kind people, you for sure did brighten your friend's days today!

Great news about being in the wheelchair again, just wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Life surely received much from you. Wishing you all a great Friday.

Amrita said...

Hi Herrad, good to hear you could sit out in your wheel.

So sweet of you to share your 'sunshine ' with your friends and send them gifts.

I like Gareth 's photos which you share. Tell him a friend said Hi from India.

Hugs, Amrita

Gareth said...

Watcha Folks so wonderfull to read you,ve been sitting in the chair in the front room with Richie and Doggies. Hope it stays dry for your trip to market.


ps hi back to Amrita:)

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Sitting in the front room with Richie was great, made the dogs happy too which is nice.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your kind comment
Hi Amrita,
Glad you like Gareth's photos, that is his mother with him.
Felt good sending nice things to friends, made me happy.

Hi Gareth,
Lovely being in the front room and watching Richie cooking and chatting to him, very relaxed..

Thanks all of you dear people for coming by and leaving me your fine comments.