Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Good Game.

Leonora Carrington.

Slept very well last night until the combination of a spasm, a cough and the noisy winching up and emptying of the rubbish containers outside woke me.

Once I am awake there is little chance of sleeping again, especially these days when my arms have so much tension in them.

They literally snap shut and get folded tightly over my chest, the way I try to counteract this is to little by little attempt to hold on to the trapeze over my head.

Once I can hold on I can stretch my arms and once stretched I can do my arm exercises and get Richie to move my legs and do my leg massage.

Both of these are crucial to my routine and important in keeping my circulation going well, the Motomed is the other important means of exercise.

Without these two things Richie would have to inject my legs daily, I choose to do exercises each day, currently I do at least 30 minutes and often more leg exercises and 10 minutes arm exercise.

Yesterday I went down the road with Richie and the happy dogs, even saw Willes, sadly cannot get into the back yard as the ground has subsided considerably.

I was wearing my colourful outfit from Trinidad for the first time since I could not stand up to put it on; Richie put a couple of photos on Face book.

Was very special having Richie put it on me yesterday, glad that no-one wanted it when I tried to give at away recently.

So very glad that Anne did not want it, she thought it was too hippy for her, funny that as it is a very colourful Trinidadian batik.

Hope to sit out on Willes's patio before she moves on the 31 July, we will both miss her enormously; she is a wonderful woman and an outstanding neighbour.

This neighbourhood will notice her absence especially the children and the vulnerable who won't have their advocate close by anymore.

Hope to be able to get to see her new place before the end of summer and sit out with her on her new patio.

The game last night between Spain v Germany was good with Spain dominating and winning very comfortably.

So this Sunday it will be Spain v The Netherlands it is set to be a good game, hope that The Netherlands wins as life around here would be very sweet if the Dutch team were to win.


Webster said...

I hope the Dutch win, too, for you and Richie, but if they do you won't be sleeping much Sunday night!

Good that you got outside today in your colorful outfit. We finally had a warm day here! and the next two days are supposed to be in the 90s F.!! Yikes.

Have Myelin? said...

Many smiles here as I thought of you and Richie going down the road. =)

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,

Thanks we both hope The Hetherlands will win life would be rather good.
Today it is very hot too hot as I keep needing to be adjusted as I am too floppy.

Hi Sherry,
It was good going down the road yesterday.
We weree smiling too.

Thanks both of you for coming by good to see your comments.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how great is that! Getting out and seeing the neighborhood. The view from the house gets old after awhile, yes.

Here's to many more outings!
Love, Anne

Herrad said...

Hi Anne,
Good to get out,very enjoyable not today too hot.