Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Staying Optimistic.

(Sadly I have reached my limit so can not upload any new pictures, these are recycled)

I slept alright last night despite waking frequently throughout the entire night, glad that I got back to sleep each time.

Seemed to also have strange dreams, every time I slept again which was a huge bonus, wished that I could recall my dreams, sadly I cannot.

Know that I was dreaming as I can recall tiny snippets of several dreams, finally pain overrode all else and I could no longer escape back into sleep.

Tried hard tensing and relaxing what I can, the only problem with doing that is that my arms fold tightly and cramp which is not helpful to drifting off.

Having alot off pain today which is more bearable now that I have had lots of THC and also have others things to do.

I am sitting now with my laptop after having done my arm exercises then Richie did my leg massage followed by leg exercises.

After that I took my baclofen and was ready to start the day, already it is hot and sticky, Richie is cleaning the apartment right now, this is accompanied by Marleen barking.

She has a huge distrust of the vacuum cleaner and sees it as her job to growl bark and often attacks the appliance but very half heartedly.

When Richie finishes he will get me hoisted out of bed and into the shower and then I sit in the shower chair to do my leg exercises with the Motomed.

Sitting in the shower chair is not comfortable as it does not give me the support the electric wheelchair gives me.

I can not sit for as long as in the wheelchair, really missing that as it does seem to help me sit better in bed afterwards.

Ton will be here at 11.30 tomorrow morning to look at my bottom and assess the extent of the damage to the skin.

Got mixed feelings about Ton coming around tomorrow, on the one hand glad for his knowledge, advice and support.

But on the other hand wish it were not necessary it has been very pleasant to not have my bottom inspected every week, have enjoyed not having any visits since 3 June from Ton.

Hope that this latest setback will soon be healed and I can sit again, we also discovered that I had a bladder infection which caused spasms.

Will try to stay optimistic which is tough but I shall do my best.


soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

I hope you have a pleasant afternoon and evening today, and a relaxing one. I hope Ton will give the green light to go back to the wheelchair and outside, that the skin is just old peeling skin and nothing to worry about!

Will keep my fingers crossed.


JC said...

Hi !!!

Have Myelin? said...

Hi Herrad, I wouldn't like having my butt inspected every week either. Yikes....

I hope you get the go ahead to resume more pleasant endeavors.... and no more inspections come your way.

Have a good evening!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I love your pictures and glad you are keeping optimistic. I am using a honey bee based-product and heard honey products can promote healing and skin repair. Take care and have a great week. Love, Mary

Joan said...

Sorry to hear you are back in bed I know how much you enjoy being up in your chair. It has been very sticky here too which is very unusual for Scotland land of the rain and cold haha. It is cooler today Wed. and has been really heavy rain overnight with some roads flooded oh well not to worry. Hope it is cooler for you today my friend and you have a good day. Love Joan.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Tried my best to relax last night, it was very difficult.
Sadly it is not old skin, but it is very small and will heal soon.

Hi JC,
Hi to you too.

Hi Sherry,
The inspection was quick and useful, Ton reckons it will heal soon.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your comment and tip about honey.
Sadly can only recycle my old pictures as I have exceeded my storage.

Hi Joan,
It is still hot and sticky hop it gets cooler soon.

Thanks you 5 dear friends for coming by really appreciate your visits.