Friday, July 09, 2010

Too Hot Today For My MS.

Betsy Walton.

Last night was extremely hot which made it difficult to sleep, first I got extra THC from Richie which did not help so in the end I took half a sleeping tablet at 4 am and finally I did sleep.

Guess it was just too hot last night, certainly hotter than the night before where I slept with no problems at all.

Funny how there can be such a difference, did not lie here last night thinking which usually interferes with sleep.

I was very receptive to the idea of sleeping but somehow lit eluded me; totally until I took the half a sleeping pill, was worried that that would not work too but it did.

Now it is nearly 11.30 and Richie will be winching me out of bed any moment now so that I am ready for a visit from my occupational therapist at 13 pm.

Not sure why she is coming by but do have some things I want to discuss with her like the fact that my arm supports have still not been adjusted.

When Harm from Welzorg (mobility aids) and Michelle from ARCA were here at the end of May to measure how high my arm rests needed to be, I thought that it would be done in June, but here it is it’s July and still no action.

If it had not been for Richie making me some support with bits of foam, my shoulders would still be very painful, because of lack of support and I would not be able to go further than my front room.

Since Richie constructed the arm supports for me, I can go down the road without constant unremitting pain, and at a snail's pace.

When we went down the road after he had made the arm supports I could roll down the road quite freely, without pain and at speed 3,on my electric wheelchair.

It is very hot today, so hot that I could only manage to sit in the front room for three and a half hours.

Then I asked Richie to put me back into bed, the heat has made me very floppy and I can hardly do anything with my hands.

It is very difficult to use the mouse and click on things, so I'm using Dragon software to write this piece, hope to be able to use my index finger so that I can find some pictures for my posts.

Today is very frustrating me as I become aware how much I need to be able to use my index finger, finding out that I cannot is very difficult for me.

Being this disabled is really is a shitty and it takes a lot for me to keep calm and not get upset and cry as that won't help me, in fact it would just make everything worse.

Okay going to stop now and I'm going to find some pictures and try and post this and relax and enjoy the day even though I can not do much.

Bosse our friends son on guitar.


Webster said...

Three and a half hours on a hot day is not bad Herrad. Yesterday was hot and I did nothing. Well, instead of coffee I made some chocolate milk - and added an ice cube. But that's all I did.

When I got up today I took a cool shower and that has helped ... a little. I also have had a popsicle.

I hope your OT can get the armrest situation straightened out. Glad Richie's fix is working in the meanwhile.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your comment, you are right 3 1/2 hours was ok for such a hot day.
All set to be as hot today, had the fan on all night which allowed me to sleep.
Richie's fix is good it has stopped the exacruiating pain in shoulder and arms.
Have a good day today.

S.S-O said...

I can't pretend to know what u're going thru...but u know, we always have tot ake the good with the bad. keep ur head up!