Friday, July 30, 2010

Encouragment And Support..

Relaxed day today which was very pleasant, the sun was shining and the sky was blue when Richie opened the curtains this morning.

It has been like that all day which has been very pleasant indeed, it makes a nice change from the thick cloud cover we have had every day for the last couple of weeks.

So today has been good especially as I wanted to go outside and was hoping the weather would cooperate.

It did so we went round the block at 16.00 after my appointment with Johanneke, my occupational therapist, who came by to check whether the arm rest were at the right height.

Glad she came by as my arm rests needed to be adjusted by an important quarter of an inch, the effect was good; suddenly I was sitting even better.

Good job Johanneke came round and checked to see whether the arm rests were adequately adjusted.

When we went outside I could feel the benefits of my arms being well supported no longer need to hold my arms up, which was very tiring and made even a short journey painful.

At first I hated the cool breeze if I had been alone I would have abandoned the idea and come straight back inside.

Luckily Richie would not hear of it and persuaded me to roll up the Jacob van Lennepkade; we paused in the sun at the corner with the Kostverlorenkade.

The sun was gorgeous really enjoyed sitting there for a short time before we proceeded up the Kosterlorenkade to the dog toilet.

Both dogs were extremely excited to be out and about with me again, they could hardly contain themselves.

While Richie took the dogs to their toilet I sat in the sunshine which was so nice for me after so long in bed.

After we came back up the Jacob van Lennepstraat we went back inside, the whole journey took us just over 40 minutes.

When we were about to go out I said it was too late for the market nearly said that I would not bother at all today, then agreed to Richie’s suggestion to go around the block with the dogs.

Outside the combination of shade and wind was not so pleasant for me plus the feeling of almost panicking at being outside was briefly too much for me.

Guess feeling worried and getting panicked are all part of getting used to going out after so long, it is two years ago on 21 August 2008 that Ton Peeks told Richie and I, that I had to stay in bed until the pressure sore had healed up.

Glad that I did go out and glad Richie was there to support and encourage me as I could not have done it without him.


Muffie said...

So glad you finally got outside. Do it a little at a time, and before you know it, you'll be accustomed to it, and the fresh air and sun will do you so much good. Hooray for Herrad!!

Lisa Emrich said...

You look amazing!! So beautiful with the sun shining on your face. Good for you going outside even when you had doubts. Also wonderful to see that the chair and armrests fit you so perfectly, supporting you well. I hope you are able to go out and enjoy some more of the gorgeous weather soon.
Lots of Love, Lisa

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I am so happy to see the sun shine on you. Look look well supported in your chair. What about pressure on elbows? Do they have something softer to have your arms rest on even sheepskin or fleece? Kudos as always to Richie for helping you to get out again. Sunlight will recharge your battery. Have a great week! Love, Mary

soulful sepulcher said...

Herrad, I have been so hoping for this day for you for so long, what a great day. Having the anxiety is perfectly normal! that has been a very long time, inside.

This post really just stands out as NEVER GIVE UP SPIRIT!!


Stan said...

Dearest Herrad

what a sight to see. The beautiful and courageous Herrad basking in the warm summer rays of sunshine.

Those pictures of you are worth ten thousands words over (none them even cuss words to boot lol).

Today the poppy park, and tomorrow the possibilities are endless. I can't express how happy it makes me to see you outdoors once again.

What so many take for granted, is a joyous and miraculous gift to others.

Please don't fret over the little anxiety, with time that shall pass no doubt.

Take care my friend and inspiration.

Amrita said...

A warm, sunny hug fer ya Herrad. You look fab sitting outside and soaking the sun.

Love, Amrita

kmilyun said...

YEAH you go girl!!!! I agree - you look marvelous darling just marvelous.

Hugs to Ritchie for being such an Angel.

Catfish and Annie say Hi to everyone also.

Love, Peace, Joy

Webster said...

Herrad! You did it!! Richie! Thanks for the prompting! It has been so long, even the breeze on your cheeks feels strange - quite unlike the air from a fan. Oh, do go outside as much as you can. AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, even if it is cool. You can dress for the weather. Are you planning your next outing?

Joan said...

Well done my friend you look so good out and about great photos. You were bound to be a bit nervous bing out after all that time but you did it with the help and support of Richie. So Happy the sun shown for you and here's to the next outing. Love Joan.

Bibliotekaren said...

Well, everyone said what I thought when I saw the pictures -- nice to see some sun on Herrad! Soak it in and take care.


steve said...

Woo freakin' hoo! Best post ever.


Herrad said...

Hi Mu
The sun felt very good and after awhile the wind was ok.
You are right going out everyday will help me get used to being outside again.

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your comment, being outside in the sun was great a lovely reward for getting out even though I was very worried.

Hi Mary,
Felt my batteries getting a boost yesterday it was lovely to feel the sun and even the wind on my face, a beautiful sensation.

Hi Stephany,
Did not expect to be so anxious realised afterwards that it is all part of rehabilitating me to be able to leave the building.

Hi Stan,
Thanks for your sweet words, you are right I will try not to fret about getting anxious about going outside.

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for the sunny hug,the sun was lovely.

Hi Jan,
Richie was wonderful in encouraging me to go out and he was right it felt great to have gone out despite worrying.

Hi Webster,
Now that I got out yesterday, thanks to Richie being so supportive and encouraging me, I want out whenever I can.
After basking in the sun I found that the shade and the wind was not a problem anymore.

Hi Joan,
It was wonderful to have such good weather yesterday, today it is very overcast and a grey day today with no sun.
Have to put my jacket on today but still intend to get out today.

Hi Donna,
It felt very pleasant to be in the sun none around today but that will not keep me indoors.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your expressive comment.

Thanks all of you eleven dear e a friends for coming by, good to see your comments, lovely to see them
Strange how difficult it is to go out guess it has been ages now that I have had to stay indoors and I need to take it slowly one day at a time.
Had not expected to feel like that as my first time outside was end of April but then I went out qucaiakly before I had a chance to panic.
That is why getting so worrrrried yesterday took me by surprise.
Think now it was good that happened as we have talked about it and now I know what to expect I can cope better.
Have a pleasant weekend.

Che koala said...

dear herrad
what a lovely to surprise to hear/see/read about your venture outside - congrat's and well done.

Pics look great.
much cheer

Herrad said...

Hi Chekoala,
Thanks for your comment and visit, going outside was good.